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The Portuguese Artist Creates So Realistic 3D Graffiti That It Is Better Not To Run Into Them In A Dark Alley

A great experience, and he began in the 90s, plus the talent and love they invented the genre allowed Sergio Oteifa become an acknowledged master of g

13 Signs Of A Toxic Friend The Friendship With Which One Only Harm.

The longer a relationship lasts, the more valuable it is. It is difficult for us to let go of old comrades, but sometimes it is simply necessary. Stro

11 Things That Can Not Be Done At Elevated Body Temperature

In an attempt to cope with infection, the body raises body temperature. We, often not understanding this, seek to remove the symptom. But grandmother'

Miss World: India

PURE CASTEA gold earring in the nose, mukuthi, and a string of pearls are the minimum of jewelry that even a representative of the lower Varna shudrov

20 Elevators, The Interior Of Which Will Take You To Another Dimension

We estimate* that people living in multi-storey buildings spend an average of 6 hours a year on Elevator rides. And that's not counting the waiting ti

The Girl Screwed Up In The Bus, And Her Tweet Gave Rise To A Flash Mob

It is not clear who you have to be to ever in your life take not to get into some kind of awkward-funny situation quite by accident. So, one day an or

14 Tweets From People Whose Relationship With Neighbors Is Even More Complicated Than With Exes

Have you ever found your missing cat on instagram of a former neighbor? Or come home and open the refrigerator, not to find it a welcome piece of pizz

20 People Who Are Able To Create A Well-Aimed Parody Of Anything

For a well-marked parody, you need not only a sense of humor, but also a talent to notice similarities where they are not seen by others. The heroes o

Catch Up To 60 Minutes: How To Refresh The Situation In The Apartment Quickly And Without Much Cost

To update the situation in the house, it is not necessary to make repairs: thanks to simple and affordable to each technique can significantly refresh

7 Facts About How People Live In Antarctica (-80° And You Can Not Write In The Shower)

Antarctica is called "White Mars" because of the harsh conditions. In 2005, they built a French-Italian research station Concordia, which researches t

This Couple Has Already Held The 100Th Wedding Ceremony, Visiting 6 Continents And 30 Countries. Unbelievable!

Most couples throw to celebrate a wedding only once in their lives, some carry out this ritual several times but this family has broken all stereotype

18 Stories About People Who Moved Out Of The Country, But In My Heart Remained Russian

In our time, the borders of many countries are open, and our compatriots, taking this opportunity, emigrate. There they are faced with the peculiariti

Remove It Immediately: 5 Of The Strangest Pairs Of Shoes From Around The World

It's one thing — comfortable and beautiful national shoes, and quite another — shoes and boots, which you will not put on properly, and wearing, with

Got The Neighbors? Here Is 25 Evidence, That They Are At Not Only Piss Off Surrounding

Some of us used to use the word "neighbor", telling only negative stories about the noisy, angry and eternally dissatisfied person who just wants to s

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