The old woman has brought from the street of a cat. She couldn't even present that he will save her life!

Published on Apr 20th at 4:30am

This is a veeery strange story. One old woman has picked up on the street of a little kitten who it is heart-breaking mewed near the neighbour's house

13 changes through which it is necessary to pass in 30 years that not to regret for anything in 50

Published on Apr 20th at 3:47am

30 years — that age when we sum up the first results and we set before ourselves the large-scale purposes. It is a lot of energy, time ahead is

10 unusual ways to get rid of excess calories with little effort

Published on Apr 18th at 5:23pm

At most of us weight loss is associated with the exhausting trainings, strict diets and other things which aren't connected with pleasure in any way.

10 brilliant preventions to which we were definitely not ready

Published on Apr 18th at 4:18pm

Life — strange and unpredictable piece. However in comparison with hints and signs which she presents us so already and you won't tell. Daily we

10 habitual gifts which can offend the foreigner

Published on Apr 17th at 5:31am

In each corner of the world there are traditions and superstitions which are connected with gifts. Do you know what toys can't be given to children in

10 myths in psychology in which all still for some reason trust

Published on Apr 17th at 5:23am

Most likely, there is no person left who at least once wouldn't pass some psychological test. We define the leading type of perception, types of the p

The most unusual money in the world

Published on Apr 16th at 10:03pm

In each country and in some territories there is the currency, other than others. Various colors, designs, portraits and symbols printed on notes and

How to determine an appearance type by Kibbi and to find the style

Published on Apr 16th at 8:20pm

In the book by the New York stylist David Kibbi of "Metamorphosis" the typology of appearance thanks to which each woman can create ideal clothes is i

Iridescent eucalyptus: An improbable tree which was decorated by the nature

Published on Apr 16th at 8:13pm

Photo from open sources Eucalyptus - the highest tree of all times. The fallen and burned tree of a type of Eucalyptus regnans (an eucalyptus regal)

On April 9 - history and unusual holidays this day

Published on Apr 12th at 10:14pm

On April 9 in Finland the Day of Mikael Agricola is celebrated, and in Vietnam the Day of remembrance of kings of Hung is celebrated. In bakha it is p