10 incredible proven hypotheses from the world of music that are hard to believe

Posted by acapulcosilver 10/24/2018 05:12pm
10 Incredible Proven Hypotheses From The World Of Music That Are Hard To Believe

Music really (and this is proven) can make certain foods more palatable. The University of Oxford conducted an extraordinary "bittersweet study" in which it was suggested that sound has the ability to influence food and its taste in about the same type as the dependence of taste on the appearance and smell of food. As a result of this experience, it became known that the bass can make you feel the bitterness, and the high notes will make a person feel the food more sweet. That is why swing music from https://newhit. me and you will have an appetite. . . !!!One. It became known that the fans of the group Queen are more sensitive. The University of Cambridge has selected 4,000 volunteers to participate in a number of tests. The aim of the experiment is to determine the systematizing and empathic people. Empathizers are those who react in some way to the emotional outbursts of others. People defined as systematizing are those who analyze patterns and rules in order to make some decisions based on the findings. An overview of the results of the testing came to fruition – the researchers realized that fans of Norah Jones and Jeff Buckley and Queen were in the most part, the feeling-into subject, and fans of the S. . . xPistols and Metallica were more systematized. 2. Metal fans are always happier than others. To this conclusion came the journal of psychology " Self and Identity». It was he who decided to compare the happiness of metal fans in the 80s with the happiness of fans of other musical genres. Experiments have made it clear that fans of Metal-music is not only happier, but also better arranged in life. 3. Fans and fans of the festivals are able to walk about 25 kilometers in just one weekend. As experiments have shown, the average fan burns about 9 thousand calories and overcomes the path of 25 kilometers. And all this happens in just two days off at the festival site. 4. Singing can rejuvenate a person. Another study conducted this time by doctors in Britain, proved that the musicians have a higher lung capacity, they have improved posture and there is an increase in mental activity. Also, due to the constant training of facial muscles, they look much younger than their years. 5. Pop music today is as creative as it used to be. The research Council, located in Spain, has studied the dynamics of popular music for several years. According to the results obtained during the experiment and research, the richness of chords and notes has significantly decreased over the last 50 years. 6. Music is a part of any primitive society. It became known that distant ancestors also loved to listen and produce music (we are talking about hairy ancestors, far from society and civilization). Archaeologists have managed to find flutes created from the bones of caught animals. Age of flutes, according to some data, is 42 thousand years. 7. In some cases, music can be much nicer after a sexual act. 40 percent of people surveyed said that the music that people listened to during sexual intercourse, excites at times better partner. This is due to the fact that the music is able to include satisfaction centers, including those centers responsible for sex. According to the results of another experiment, Bohemian Rhapsody is the track that is brighter than sex. 8. Music can allow a person to feel the real feeling of euphoria. Of course, it's not the euphoria in the truest sense of the word, but an imitation, but it is so on the person is affected by the live band performance, causing the charge of endorphins. 9. There are several reasons why cats in principle do not like to listen to human music. And the most important reason is David Thea. This man came up with a music that can significantly improve the lives of cats. According to the fundamental biological laws, the first sounds in a person's life are the heartbeat of his mother, so it is human nature to carry out associations between positive emotions and pulsation. As for cats, they have pleasant sounds associated with sucking reflex.

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