10 movies which will grind your life experience in powder

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10 Movies Which Will Grind Your Life Experience In Powder

Each of us needs a recharge, a push, a fresh drink of air from time to time. Not always it turns out to set the new movement of the life by own forces, and then can great help out movies. The view from outside of a similar situation is capable to create improbable.

IMDb: 6,90


10 movies which will grind your life experience in powder



In leading roles: Keith Winslet, Toby Maguire, Josh Brolin, Gatlin Griffith

Lonely mother covers the runaway murderer in the house where lives together with the son. The police rummages around all town in search of the criminal, and single mother learns the bitter truth about "guest" meanwhile and ceases to understand what to do to her.

The inspiring movie about aspiration of people to simple human happiness.

IMDb: 8,30


10 movies which will grind your life experience in powder


© nordiskfilmogtvfond

In leading roles: Mads Mikkelsen, Thomas Bo Larsen, Annika Vedderkopp, Lasse Fogelstr

The teacher leads lonely life, all the time fights for guardianship over the son. s life becomes gradually better when he finds love and gets good news from the son, but his new life will be just about cruelly destroyed by fib.

The powerful, strong and sharply sounding cinema about how the small lie can break to the person life and how to find forces to get out of this situation.

IMDb: 7,80


10 movies which will grind your life experience in powder


© bfi

In leading roles: Jun John-hi, Li David, Kim Hee Ra, An Ne-san

In the small city of the Province of Kengido there lives Mi-dzha with the grandson school student. The excentric and curious woman very much likes to care for the appearance. Accidentally she gets on courses in versification in local recreation center. She looks for beauty in the usual environment on which she never paid special attention. It seems to her that now she at last has noticed that earlier just I didn't see, and is enraptured. However unexpected events force the woman to realize that life isn't so fine as it was represented to her.

The deep movie that at life of each of us there is beauty and that to notice her, it is only necessary to find several minutes in the middle of vanity and to look around.

IMDb: 7,50


10 movies which will grind your life experience in powder


© relativitymedia

In leading roles: Liv Tyler, Adam Sandler, Jada Pinkett Smith, Don Cheadle

Charlie Faynman and Alan Johnson once together studied in college and divided one room in the hostel. Years later they meet again and renew the friendly relations. The destiny has differently managed with them. Charlie who has lost during terrorist attacks on September 11 the wife and children has put a cross on the life. Alan became the good dentist and the exemplary family man. The casual meeting becomes for them a turning point in life as both that, and another more than ever feel the need for the devoted friend.

The difficult movie that it is possible to overcome any pain to live further.

IMDb: 7,00


10 movies which will grind your life experience in powder


© filmivast

In leading roles: Alicia Vikander, Samuel Freler, Zhosefin Bauer

20-year-old jobless Catharina lives with the friend in the poor suburb of the Gothenburg. Once the fragment of "Requiem" of Mozart comes across to her YouTube, and Catharina changes: life gains for it sense, thirst of changes seizes it. She deletes the page on Facebook and understands that it is necessary to aspire to something fine.

The fine movie about whether beauty will save the world and whether the world will change for the better if each of us reads at least one book by Dostoyevsky or will remember "Requiem" by Mozart.

IMDb: 7,70


10 movies which will grind your life experience in powder


© dfi

In leading roles: Mikael Persbrandt, to Tryna Dyurkholm, Ulrich Tomsen

40-year-old Anton comes back to native Denmark, having worked many years in the African refugee camp. For many years among others grief have taught him to respond with violence to violence never. Even when the local mechanic unjustly beats Anton, that constrains anger. It seems that the conflict is exhausted, but here his son Elías together with the friend Christian decide to revenge for the father.

The movie which sets thinking of, whether always the end justifies the means.

IMDb: 6,60


10 movies which will grind your life experience in powder


My One and Only ©

In leading roles: Renée Zellweger, Nick Stal, Eric McCormack, Chris Not, Kevin Bacon

Glamourous Anne Deveraux rolls on east coast, moving from the city to the city and trying to find the rich husband who would provide her and two of her sons happy life.

The movie which helps to understand the true desires and to find itself(himself) in this world.

IMDb: 8,30


10 movies which will grind your life experience in powder


© georgianfilm

In leading roles: Lembit Ulfsak, Georgy Nakashidze, Elmo Nyuganen

War reaches the village, there is a fighting collision between Georgians and Abkhazians. After fight Yvo and Margus find one survived Chechen mercenary who is at war on the Abkhazian side. Iwo takes away him to itself home to cure. At night, burying the dead, Margus finds out that, despite a severe wound, in fight also one Georgian has survived. It is carried to the house of Iwo too. So under the same roof there are fighters of warring parties...

The movie about the difficult choice, about strong men and aspiration to human.

IMDb: 6,70


10 movies which will grind your life experience in powder


© warnerbros

In leading roles: Emma Schweiger, Dieter Hallerworden, Til Schweiger

story of 11-year-old Tilda who just adores the grandfather Amandus. When to that diagnose Alzheimer's disease, and parents, according to her, want to get rid of him, having handed over in nursing home, she takes a situation in hand and runs together with the grandfather to fantastic Venice. The city is chosen not accidentally. Almost half a century back Amandus has made proposal to the grandmother Tildy there. Now the granddaughter hopes that when they appear there, it will become better for the grandfather, and he though will remember something.

The history which teaches to be afraid of nothing us and to love. Then we with surprise will understand that all events with us submit to belief, hope and love.

IMDb: 7,40


10 movies which will grind your life experience in powder


© cnc

In leading roles: Vanessa Paradis, Kevin Parent, Elaine Florent, Eveleen Brosha

Two life stories, two time and two love, closely bound in this picture. The first — about single mother Jacqueline and her son with a Down syndrome, occurred in Paris of 1969. The second — about the successful DJ in modern Montreal which finds new love, dooming old to sufferings...

This movie helps to understand that the love means to each of us.

And what movie has made the greatest impression on you or has even changed your life?

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