10 products that can not be abandoned even on the toughest diet

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10 Products That Can Not Be Abandoned Even On The Toughest Diet

We all want to be slim and attractive. A reliable way to lose weight and find the perfect figure is to go on a diet. At the same time, we are often so carried away by the loss of extra pounds that we delete from the diet really important for health products, and then wonder where it went and why we have such a pale appearance.

I studied this issue and prepared a list of useful products that can not be abandoned even on the most stringent diet.

10 products that can not be abandoned even on the toughest diet

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Eggs are a rich source of useful proteins, vitamins and microelements. It's also a low-calorie product. Studies have shown that eggs for Breakfast will help to quickly lose weight and maintain muscle strength.

Egg whites support the balance of blood sugar, helping to curb the love of cookies and other sweets. B vitamins and choline in the eggs stimulate the brain and improve memory-so you will remember exactly where the keys to the car.

It must be said that in the 1970s eggs were outlawed due to high cholesterol. However, scientists have proved that cholesterol in egg yolks is not the "bad", which leads to diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Many people ask: is it useful to drink raw eggs? According to nutritionists, not really: egg whites without heat treatment are absorbed much worse. It is more correct to eat boiled or fried eggs in vegetable oil with a garnish of raw vegetables.

10 products that can not be abandoned even on the toughest diet

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Nuts are another vivid example of how a small amount can fit a whole charge of nutrients. Just one handful of almonds, walnuts or cashews is enough to saturate the body with a daily dose of substances necessary for health.

Almost any nuts-a powerful tool for improving immunity and prevention of heart disease, and contained in this product minerals, vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids are responsible for the beauty of the skin and hair.

Also among the beneficial properties of nuts is the ability to activate the brain and increase the endurance of the nervous system. Life is full of stress? Ahead of the exams? Nibble nuts!

10 products that can not be abandoned even on the toughest diet

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Legumes have a slightly tarnished reputation due to the fact that they cause increased gas formation. But exclude them from the diet is not necessary. Beans, peas, lentils, chickpeas and other members of this family contain a lot of protein, b vitamins, iron, magnesium and potassium. For vegetarians, they are a great meat substitute.

Legumes reduce blood cholesterol and are good for the heart, they also normalize blood sugar and lower blood pressure.

Another good argument " for " eating beans-of them you can cook an incredibly many delicious dishes. And as for the gas — scientists have found out: those who begin to eat beans regularly, it passes in a couple of weeks.

10 products that can not be abandoned even on the toughest diet

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Liver is another product, for which it is necessary to "book" a place in the menu. The amount of nutrients in this product is off scale — no wonder the liver is called "natural multivitamin". Here and proteins, and iron, and all vitamins of group B, including indispensable for brain cells B12 and folic acid, which improves blood composition and strengthens immunity.

The liver is a rich source of vitamin A, responsible for the health of the eyes, skin and hair. By the way, because of him dishes from the liver should not be carried away excessively: an overabundance of vitamin a is harmful to the body. Therefore, nutritionists advise to be limited to 1-2 servings of liver a week.

It is important to know: with the wrong content of animals liver accumulates pesticides from plant feed, as well as antibiotics and other medicines. Therefore, it is best to buy it in health food stores.

10 products that can not be abandoned even on the toughest diet

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This spicy vegetable is one of the most popular in the world. Since time immemorial, it has been used both as a medicine and as a seasoning for food. Garlic contains a lot of biologically active compounds necessary for human health.

Although scientists continue to argue about the effectiveness of this plant in the treatment of diseases, its healing properties have already been confirmed by many studies. For example, garlic normalizes blood cholesterol and lowers blood pressure and is therefore useful for the cardiovascular system.

Also in its composition there is a powerful fighter against microbes-allicin, which is subject to even bacteria that are able to" resist " most popular antibiotics.

There is have garlic and other interesting properties: a plant is considered a powerful aphrodisiac, and still well drives away vampires. So at least a small stock of this product should always be at hand.

10 products that can not be abandoned even on the toughest diet

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Smoked, fried, salted, baked salmon is useful and tasty in almost any form. This type of fish is valued for its high content of high quality protein and a number of nutrients.

The composition of salmon includes omega-3 fatty acids. These healthy fats are responsible for brain and nervous system health, reduce the risk of depression and prevent heart and vascular disease. Just 1-2 servings of salmon a week is enough to significantly improve mood and health and slow down aging.

Salmon is an effective tool in the fight against excess weight. Included in this fish proteins and polyunsaturated fatty acids (despite the frightening word "fatty") help curb appetite, accelerate metabolism and lose weight properly.

10 products that can not be abandoned even on the toughest diet

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Seaweed is useful not only for fish and water turtles, but also for humans. In the narrow and long leaves of this plant we need a lot of minerals, vitamins and amino acids. They include iodine and tyrosine, which are necessary for the normal functioning of the thyroid gland.

By the way, the thyroid plays an important role in our body. This small, butterfly-like organ is responsible for metabolism and cell growth, and failures in its work lead to the development of numerous diseases. Regular consumption of seafood and especially algae will help to prevent them.

Another reason to include seaweed on the menu is that they are extremely rich in fiber, which gives us a feeling of satiety and supports healthy digestion.

Coconut oil is a real superfood. Due to the unique combination of nutrients, this type of vegetable oil is extremely useful for our health.

It has long been " under suspicion "because of the high content (about 90 %) of saturated fatty acids-because they increase the level of" bad " cholesterol in the blood. However, the logic pointed to the opposite: in countries where people put coconut oil in almost every dish, the death rate from cardiovascular disease is minimal.

Scientists have investigated this issue and found that the saturated fats of coconut oil are different in structure from the "bad" fats of animal origin and do not harm health. Moreover, they improve brain function, as well as lead to increased energy consumption in the body and help to lose weight.

The composition of coconut oil includes lauric acid-an active fighter against bacteria and viruses. It prevents infectious diseases, and if you are already ill — accelerate recovery.

Coconut oil is a useful dietary product, but please note: it is better to buy organic oil of the first extraction. It most useful.

10 products that can not be abandoned even on the toughest diet

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Blueberries are an example of a tasty and healthy delicacy. It is difficult to find a person who does not like these blue-black berries, each of which contains a powerful charge of nutrients. Blueberries have very few calories, but they hold the record for antioxidants, which slow down aging and protect us from cancer. It also helps to maintain visual acuity and improve memory.

The benefits of blueberries do not end there: for example, its regular use reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It is also effective in the fight against inflammation and significantly improves the health of colds, bronchitis and digestive problems.

Chocolate is a reliable source of happiness and a catalyst for joy. However, it is good not only for taste buds — its use in moderation brings the body a clear benefit.

This nutritious product contains a record amount of antioxidants — here it is even ahead of blueberries. Polyphenols in the chocolate have a positive effect on the state of the heart and blood vessels. Theobromine and caffeine actively stimulate the brain and mobilize the body's strength-no wonder it is included in the rations for climbers, military and astronauts.

Scientists have found that chocolate effectively protects the skin from UV rays. So, going on vacation at sea, do not forget a couple of weeks before to include in the menu delicious "medicine" for the skin.

However, it must be remembered that only bitter chocolate with a cocoa content of at least 70% and only in small quantities is really useful. A couple of cubes a day is enough to pamper yourself, improve your health and not gain excess weight.

And are there any products that you consider the guarantor of health and would not agree to remove from the menu?

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