12 ways to escape from the summer heat, which is used by residents of hot countries

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12 Ways To Escape From The Summer Heat, Which Is Used By Residents Of Hot Countries

In countries with a hot climate, people have to fight the heat not only 3 summer months of the year. In addition, the summer is much hotter than, for example, in Central Russia. How are they coping? The answer is in our article. Some brilliant ideas can be borrowed.

it tells how people from hot countries adapt to the difficult climate.

In Myanmar, widespread homemade cosmetics Tanatar. Here grows the tree Tanaka. People take sawdust of this tree, grind them in a dust and moisten with water — the peculiar paste turns out. Women and children put it on the face, and it freezes on the skin. It does not pull it, but rather cools. This mask protects from the sun and from drying the skin. By the way, these sawdust are sold at every step.

Natural deodorants-crystals are in demand here. You can buy them at the pharmacy. And there is a special powder Lola: Thais apply it to the face as protection from the scorching sun.

And in the heat of the Thais love to drink a refreshing iced coffee.

As everywhere in hot countries, the first rule here is to drink plenty of water. The people of Tanzania also drink sugarcane juice. At night, no one sleeps in pajamas or nightgown in the usual sense — here they sleep in traditional clothes called "Kanga" (or "Hanga"). This is a very light and thin cotton handkerchief.

One of the main methods of combating summer heat in many Mediterranean, Latin American and Asian countries is Siesta — afternoon rest. In Sri Lanka, for example, approximately from 12 to 16 hours all shops are closed. In food use watermelons, melons, cucumbers, mint, zucchini, cabbage and other "cooling" products. In water add lime, and here is the ice not is used. At lunchtime, Lankans eat coconut juice: it is well refreshing. Many households have coconut trees.

Indian cuisine is famous for its abundance of spices: this food helps intense sweating. People here wear light cotton clothes and cover their heads with white scarves-even men, though it looks very funny for an outside observer.

The heat makes a good mango. So, in Indian families popular home refreshing mango cocktail, which is made from unripe fruit. This cocktail is especially suitable for countries with high humidity.

In the daytime, the Vietnamese try to move less, sit in a cafe for a long time, walk slowly. About exercise and speech is not-they should be postponed until the evening or until the morning.

Inside the cafe, air conditioning or fans are installed, and on the terraces — fans with water sprayers.

Men love to lift up their shirts and shirts and bare their bellies for better cooling. And, of course, in the course are fans.

Lime or lemon juice, which can be found on every corner, helps the people of this country to cope with the heat. People carry small towels, which they regularly moisten with water, and then wipe their face and décolleté.

In summer, the Italians try to eat more fish than meat, and if possible not to appear on the street from 11 to 16 hours.

In every Italian house you are sure to find aloe: the juice of this plant saves residents from sunburn.

In addition to fans and umbrellas, to overcome the heat helps the Chinese green tea, which is used here in large quantities. Everywhere you can find special glasses-containers for this drink, so you can always carry it with you.

In the heat in China eat sorbets and jelly desserts, including green tea.

Residents of Brazil are advised to wear white clothes in the heat. In this country, everywhere drink branded alcoholic drink-Caipirinha (prepared on the basis of lime, cane sugar, ice and spirits-porridge). And, of course, familiar to us from the series coconut juice straight from the coconut. And they freeze the juice and use coconut pieces of ice as a kind of candy.

Here, in the heat of drinking dairy products, such as ayran. And Kalmyks advise to drink salted tea with mutton fat. I wonder what this drink tastes like?

In Japan there are special bells — furin. It is believed that they " cool the mind." This fixture is made of glass, metal and ceramics. A paper tape is attached to the tongue, and at the slightest movement of air bells emit a subtle and gentle sound, which is associated with water and wind. The sound of furin at the subconscious level is associated with a feeling of coolness.

12 ways to escape from the summer heat, which is used by residents of hot countries

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Zoo workers offer animals refreshing fruits, such as watermelon.

Lemurs at the Changzhou zoo were given a watermelon on a piece of ice, because it is very hot in China now. Judging by one of the lemurs in the photo above, this is true.

And how do you escape the heat? Maybe you live in a country with a hot climate and you also have something to tell? Share with us in the comments.

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