12 weird facts about everything

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12 Weird Facts About Everything

What did not happen in the light: a rainbow appears at night, coyotes make friends with the badgers, people make their living bullying, and scammers fall into the trap of other scams. In other words, both nature and people and animals will always find something to surprise us, and we try to surprise and delight our readers.

made another batch of fun facts about our world and the lives of its inhabitants.

12 weird facts about everything

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The orangutans were identified fun feature: the males of this species sometimes show attention not only to the female orangutan but also to women if their hair red (like themselves arboreal monkeys). For example, orangutan, Hsing-Hsing from the zoo in Perth, Australia once again snatched from caught up with him a number of magazine photo of Nicole Kidman and carried away to his lair — so she liked him.

12 weird facts about everything

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If I held a competition for the title of most unfortunate couple of scams in history, then perhaps the two men from Spain had all the chances to win it. In 2003, they agreed on a selling fake paintings that allegedly belonged to the brush of Goya, but in fact was only a copy of the portrait by the Spanish painter Antonio maría Esquivel.

Buyer, "a rich Arab Sheikh", acting through the mediator, which, in turn, asked the hapless sellers a Commission in the amount of € 300 thousand. strangely enough, the fraudsters did not suspect anything unusual, took this amount from a friend and went to turn the "deal of the century".

Initially, the Spaniards tried to sell the painting for 4 million Swiss francs, but in the end received only 1.7 million in this currency (equal to about $ 1.7 million), and they were fake as their product. The men were detained when they tried to put forged banknotes into a Bank account in Geneva, and the middleman who disappeared with the "Commission," not found.

12 weird facts about everything

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Quite a harmless episode of children's cartoon series was banned in Australia after numerous complaints from parents that he dezinformare their children, urging them not to be afraid of spiders. The fact that Australia are found not only familiar to all Europeans is relatively harmless, and small spiders, and poisonous types of spiders that should be treated with great caution.

12 weird facts about everything

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Firefighters usually put out fires, not build them, but sometimes it happens and Vice versa. In October 2010 in the American town of Pana fire Department burned down a house where dwelt a large family of cockroaches.

This decision was taken by the local administration after attempts to bring insects proved futile, and the risk of infection of the neighboring houses was too great. You can watch how it all happened, but be warned: this video is not for the faint of heart.

12 weird facts about everything

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Superintendent of the state prison of Louisiana John Wheatley was so friendly and fair to the prisoner that they are sincerely attached to him. Over the years of its work, John managed to reduce the incidence of aggressive manifestations in a correctional facility, he introduced a system of rewards for good behavior, helped his players get an education and conducted a series of prison reforms.

For example, his submission is the most trustworthy of the prisoners could leave the prison for participation in sports competitions (example of similar events you might see in the movie "All or nothing") and other events. It is therefore not surprising that when Wheatley decided to retire, his team at his own expense he arranged a farewell party, which was attended by staff and the prison administration.

12 weird facts about everything

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A resident of the canadian province of Saskatchewan was fishing on his boat, over the lake when suddenly the storm broke. The boat had drifted in the unknown fisherman a place where she was stuck in the bushes. The man was unable to get out of the woods alone, he was exhausted and had no idea where it is. In desperation, he took an unusual decision: to pull up with caught up his axe power pylons and wait for a helicopter will be arriving with the maintenance team.

The calculation was justified: the helicopter actually arrived and the man was saved. However, he had subsequently to pay a fine for defacing the pillars and for residents of several settlements in the 30 hours were left without electricity. But life is more expensive than some kind of penalty, right?

12 weird facts about everything

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Folk tales often tell about the friendship of different species. For example, in the tales of North American Indians referred to the friendship coyotes and badgers, which is quite true. Coyotes and badgers have a joint hunting, because they each have those advantages, which to another.

Badgers are able to catch prey in burrows that cannot afford them, and those, in turn, are able to effectively chase animals on earth. In addition, the coyotes are better developed vision, and badgers — the sense of smell. So the badger can dig small animals out of the ground, forcing them to run outside, straight into the clutches of the waiting coyote.

The oldest pub in Europe is in Ireland and is known as Sean's Bar ("Bar Sean"). It was built about 900, in the town of Athlone on the West Bank of the river Shannon. The original building was a shack-a hut made of branches and clay, but in 1970 it was rebuilt. During perestroika were found many ancient coins, some of which was sent to the Museum, and the rest left in the pub as a decoration.

A group of breeders from California, brought grape variety, which is 12% more sugar than regular grapes, and almost no astringency. It took 12 years, and in 2013 a new variety went on sale.

Looks and smells this grape is the same as usual, but the taste is almost indistinguishable from all the familiar cotton candy. Breeder David Kane believes that this fruit is a wonderful alternative to the usual sweets.

12 weird facts about everything

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The World (Rus. "The world" to mean "planet") — marine passenger vessel, built as a private home. Its inhabitants — the owners of spacious and comfortable cabins. These people constantly live on the Board (either to appear when he wants), while the ship makes a cruise around the globe, making a 2-3 day stops in various ports.

The cost of apartments on the liner high: from $ 2.7 to 9.1 million But it seems that price is not an obstacle for those who always dreamed of such a life: the majority of cabins had been bought before the completion of construction of the vessel. On Board you can take your friends and family, as well as pass cabins for rent. The average age of the inhabitants of the liner 64.

12 weird facts about everything

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Night, or lunar rainbow, as you might guess from the name, generated by the Moon. From the normal solar rainbow it is less brightness and the human eye usually sees white, although the colors you can get on a photo with long exposure.

Lunar rainbow can be seen in those places where there are waterfalls or rain, under certain conditions, full or close to full Moon must be low in the sky, and the sky should be dark. There's a rainbow on the opposite from the moon side of the sky and comparable in size to the sun.

12 weird facts about everything

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Streaking — those strange (if not more) people who arrange races without clothes during sporting or other public events. This is the result of vandalism, in protest, for the sake of attracting attention to themselves or to earn. One such streaking, mark Roberts began his "career" propariv friends during a Rugby match in 1993.

Now, on account of Roberts more than 300 such antics for which he is paid well. So, in 2003, he undressed and ran onto the field during super bowl XXXVIII, for which he received from his sponsor online casino Golden Palace $ 1-million tickets in the front row. This same company paid the bully one of the best lawyers in the United States, and in the end he escaped with a fine of $ 1 000.

Which fact impressed you most? And perhaps, you know something very interesting about what is known, not all? Let us know in the comments.

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