14 simple actions that stand between "normal" and " delicious»

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14 Simple Actions That Stand Between "normal" And " Delicious»

Whether cooking is our hobby or not, but cooking for yourself and your loved ones is still necessary. But the result is always lived up to expectations, it is necessary to use simple tips to improve the taste of dishes, because often between "normal" and "very tasty" is one simple action.

In this article he collected non-obvious techniques, some of which the author of this article has already checked in his own kitchen. And they work.

14 simple actions that stand between

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French chef Auguste Escoffier in the XIX century identified the fifth taste, complementing our usual sweet, salty, sour and bitter, and Japanese chemist Kikunae Ikeda first confirmed this scientifically. The "fifth taste" is the taste of soy sauce, which is difficult to explain, but easy to feel. It is called "umami", and glutamates, which are rich in the right sauce, create a feeling of meat aftertaste.

It is on this nuance that chefs often play. Add a small amount of soy sauce and it will reveal the taste of stew, rice garnish, soup and other dishes.

Salt in small amounts has a positive effect on the quality of baking. Adding it, you will see that:

The dough (except pelmeni, custard, sand and puff) will also improve a small amount of semolina. 1 tbsp. on 0,5 l of fluid, and the cakes will stay fresh longer and won't harden. It is very important for buns, pies, pancakes and pancakes.

14 simple actions that stand between

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Any kind of scrambled eggs (except fried eggs), especially omelets, corn starch will make softer and more lush. In addition, it allows you to speed up the process of cooking ordinary eggs: cooks talk about readiness in 15 seconds.

Dosage-1 teaspoon of starch for 3 eggs.

Properly heated oil before the frying process adds to the taste and appearance of the finished dish, so it is important to bring it to the desired temperature. Even if you do not have a thermometer, the correct time to bookmark products is easy to determine: vegetables put when lowering the wooden spatula in the oil there are small bubbles, and the meat is sent to the pan when the heated oil is a small smoke.

14 simple actions that stand between

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A little strong black tea will change the color of the dough and give it a nice brown tint, and baking will turn out more Golden and ruddy. If you add tea with aromatic additives, ready-made rolls will exude a favorite flavor. And how to paint homemade cakes in bright colors, learn here.

But for these "aromatic" purposes should choose natural tea blends, not "chemical" bags: this flavor can be transformed very unpredictably.

14 simple actions that stand between

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Vanilla extract is an additive that will not only reveal the taste of sweets or pastries, but also add spicy notes to the usual salad, because it goes well with any vegetables.

Try this unusual way to cook a delicious summer garnish.

How to cook rice so that it does not lose color and does not stick together? Easy if you add a teaspoon of vinegar during cooking. It will improve not only the appearance of the dish, but also its taste.

Use this advice only if the smell of vinegar is not unpleasant to you in itself: it will not be felt in the cooked dish, but when cooking can be harsh.

14 simple actions that stand between

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If you like black coffee, but want to soften the taste a little, without diluting the coffee with water, then give it a tenderness, aroma and dense consistency will help a piece of butter, which should be added directly to the drink a minute before readiness.

To get rid of the sharp smell while baking fish, put a piece of fat bacon on it. It will absorb the unwanted odor and will give your smoked flavour and notes of his taste. But the bacon is not the best: in this case, it acts more as an absorbent.

If the fish you want to fry, then put in a pan peeled potatoes, sliced: it will quickly absorb the smell of fish.

14 simple actions that stand between

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In a situation where there is no time to wait until the yeast dough rises, you can apply a little trick. Put the dough in a plastic bag and place it in a container of hot water. After about 15 minutes, the dough will rise, and it can be used immediately.

And to make the yeast dough as airy as possible, add a small raw potato, grated on a fine grater.

Use the classic combination of chocolate and orange to diversify the taste of chocolate additives to dishes or full of desserts, such as mousses or cakes. In sauces and glazes it is better to add orange juice, and in the dough — orange zest.

14 simple actions that stand between

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Prepare your perfect scrambled eggs using not only oil but also some plain water. Break the eggs into a hot frying pan and pour in water when the protein is just starting to seize. Scrambled eggs will not burn, and the taste of the dish will become more tender.

The ideal way to bake a whole bird (especially a chicken or Turkey) is to wrap it in parchment. The meat will be juicy and soft, but crunchy crust in this case may not be possible. It is also believed that the parchment meat absorbs better those spices that you seasoned it, and becomes more fragrant.

Another secret: you can prepare a mixture of softened butter with herbs and garlic and carefully distribute it under the skin of chicken / Turkey before cooking.

14 simple actions that stand between

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If you put in a pot where stewed meat, banana skin, it will turn soft, juicy and fragrant. But do not forget to add your favorite spices: banana gives softness and reveals the taste, but it does not give any additional flavor notes.

Maybe you have your own cooking chips that you are willing to share?

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