15 countries which should be visited in 2019, according to experts of lonely planet

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15 Countries Which Should Be Visited In 2019, According To Experts Of Lonely Planet

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Recently the guide of Lonely Planet chose the best directions for travel in 2019. Quite volume rating turned out and to see with own eyes each of these amazing places it is hardly possible to be in time even in a year. Therefore we decided to make the list for tourists and chose only those cities and the countries where for housing it is not necessary to give a fortune.

We in , of course, understand that flights sometimes cost so much that at all beat off desire to open for themselves the world. Therefore we recommend to trace stocks of airlines, sometimes they sell tickets literally for several euro.

Slovenia is suitable for quiet family holiday. Here it will be pleasant to those who do not love noisy flocks of tourists around. The new Place — rather the town to which go to restore the health in local resorts or to explore well remained ancient castles.

The Far East of Russia attracts fans of the nature and extreme rest. It is possible to go here at all seasons of the year — and persons interested to sweep on skis, and those who just dream to have a rest on the beach will find here that it is necessary for them.

Aswan — one of three main tourist towns of Egypt. He less Cairo and Luxor also is much quieter.

Turin differs from other cities of Italy in the fact that in it there are not a lot of tourists. But all delights of this country like beautiful architecture, tasty food and benevolent locals in it are.

The main reason why Lonely Planet recommends visiting Belarus is the II European games. They will be held in Minsk in 2019. But if you do not come here during sporting events, too, will certainly find a lot of interesting things in the city.

Shenzhen is unusual at least because it is a high-tech resort city. It produces most of Apple's products, has its own electronics market, and at the same time tourists are attracted to beach hotels and their offers "all inclusive".

Lonely Planet recommends to visit Kyrgyzstan because in recent years the tourist infrastructure is developing quickly enough, but the prices for accommodation and entertainment remain low.

Amman is one of the oldest cities in the world. Unfortunately, it has survived several strong earthquakes and was destroyed, so really ancient monuments are not so much.

Novi Sad is called the cultural capital of the Balkans or the Serbian St. Petersburg. The city quite small, and it is possible to see its sights in 1–2 days.

Zadar is the resort in which there are a lot of tourists. Alfred tchcock considered that here the most beautiful declines.

Lonely Planet recommends that you plan your trip to India so that it falls on October 2, 2019. And it is better to go to the state of Gujarat, because it is here, in its capital Ahmedabad, will be a Grand celebration of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi. But this is not the only reason to see Ahmedabad.

Tirana is the town which is convenient for studying, just walking on its small streets. And here free tours for all comers are conducted. The meeting place — near the building of the opera.

Lodz was once the centre of the Polish textile industry, but many factories closed during financial crises. Now they are transformed into modern cultural and entertainment facilities, and the city seems to have found a second life.

what to do: visit the "Manufactura" - shopping and entertainment center, where you can not only shop, but also watch fresh movie and theater premieres, in winter — ice skating, and in the summer even relax on an artificial beach.To walk on the main street — Pyotrkovskoy.Try the Polish pies-dumplings with a variety of fillings-and soup Zhurek, which is served in many cafes in a bread plate.

Accommodation: 2-bed room in Lodz can be rented for 1 400 rubles per day, and individual apartments — for 1 500 rubles.

Hamburg is a port city and the most populated non-capital city in Europe. It is bright and diverse, it is often called the city of contrasts.

What of these countries did you already visit and to what would only like to go?

Photo on the preview of bolshayastrana/Instagram, hamburg_eu/Instagram

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