15 unexpectedly kind stories about people who are worthy ranks "neighbours of year"

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15 Unexpectedly Kind Stories About People Who Are Worthy Ranks "neighbours Of Year"

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Inhabitants of multi-storey buildings often complain of neighbors. On noise, indifference, malevolence which should be suffered. But heroes of our selection were lucky — they live near the good-natured people ready to come to the rescue. And for some to celebrate holidays all entrance is tradition.

We believe in that near you there live the same warm-hearted people as in stories from Chamber No. 6, also Pikabu "Is overheard".

Rent an apartment.Grandpa lives next to me.He likes to glue ships — and so do I..He reads the same books, as I.Began to spend evenings together.Later I introduced him to my girlfriend and she liked him.Have become as family.Papers on a table paid somehow to the old man a visit, and he: donative on the apartment, issued on us.There is no housing, we are glad.And began to live together.But his relatives learned about it.Ask to refuse a gift.I can understand them, but also I cannot refuse.

My aunt's house has an interesting tradition..After the chiming all the neighbors gather in the front room with crackers, sparklers, champagne, sweets and congratulate each other.I had a chance to attend this event-very atmospheric.Apartments in house 28, more than a half gathers (t. to.there are people who not at themselves celebrate).
P.  S.About garbage in the front — all together clean the 1st.

15 unexpectedly kind stories about people who are worthy ranks

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Conceived to make repairs on their own, paid a couple of hours every day, after working wielding a hammer, a drill.In the end, the neighbor below could not stand it and came to visit with claims.For fatigue just started howling.The neighbor was confused, then pushed me aside, went into the hall, admired the ruins and left.Next day returned with couple of men.Guys for 2 days pokleili Wallpaper, hung shelves, collected cabinets, and my attempts to give them at least a few thousand waved away with the words: "the Girls need help».

We have in the house lives a little remarkable grandfather.But only yesterday we found out what a wonderful man he is.Grandpa went out on the balcony at night.Noticed that someone is picked the car of one of neighbors.He pushed his grandmother and told her to call the police, and he grabbed an ax and rushed into the street.When the pilferer saw that the grandfather with the axe flies to him, was closed in the car and tried to start it, here only brains to connect the necessary wires was not enough for it...And stayed, surrounded already with several old men, there did not arrive the police yet.

15 unexpectedly kind stories about people who are worthy ranks

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I called the doctor, and I have no on-door speakerphone. Enclosed a stick that the door did not slam, and wrote a note: "We wait for the doctor, do not close, please, there is no on-door speakerphone". Good neighbors, that the door did not degauss and did not break (and I should pay), the prop was removed, but left the message: "You call to apartment 20, 4, 19...", etc.

In the apartment opposite there lives the married couple with the child.They it is eternal at work.Once stayed at home and here a call to a door.I open, and there my young neighbor — says, the governess in the car forgot something, and it is boring for it to wait.Stood minutes 15, talked.Learned that his classmates hurt, and parents say shy.Next day I went to school to deal with offenders.I come back home — here from the apartment Dima takes off and embraces me, crying out: "They apologized! Thanks to you, thanks!" And in the doorway there are his parents.It was necessary to explain to them.
Here and so I in life had whether a younger brother, whether the young friend.

15 unexpectedly kind stories about people who are worthy ranks

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Old acquaintances lived in the panel house with good acoustic permeability. The son at them small. Somehow mummy left for a while in grocery store. Returns and asks: "Did not you cry?" Son: "I at first began to cry, and the invisible voice told me: "Do not shout! Now will come!" And I calmed down".

Neighbors make an impression of arrogant people.The husband and the wife of years 30–35 it is polite, but cold greet, do not seek to support communication.But when I was flooded by neighbors from above, they helped to pull out equipment.And after to merge water from a hinged ceiling and to take out it.Five neighbors, with whom I sweet-talked, refused to help — tired of the cat no one to leave."Arrogant" and continue to greet cold.But now they cause me more warm feelings than those with whom I communicated, but who did not even lift a finger when the trouble happened.

15 unexpectedly kind stories about people who are worthy ranks

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December, morning, 6th floor.In a dressing gown I stand on a balcony.Wife kissed goodbye and mechanically closed the balcony, went to work.Noticed that in captivity, only after its leaving.Phone in the room, rooms by heart I do not know, no warm clothes.So far decided what to do, the neighbor from above came to a balcony.Explained the situation to him, he took the rope and lowered me to eat, warm clothes to warm up, and sometimes checked if I'm alive.And sat before arrival of the wife.

Late at night, silence... From the street shy miaow reaches, in a couple of minutes already cat's quartet gathered. I open a balcony, I look down: from darkness 4 couples of green sparks stare. And here the rain from sausage from above flies. I hear an unfamiliar male voice: "Bon appetit, having a tail, tomorrow the restaurant in 8 opens!"

15 unexpectedly kind stories about people who are worthy ranks

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Few months ago in the elevator of the house pasted the poem published on the printer, of course, having left unsigned.Communicating with neighbors, I understood that all like the idea to share favourite works.Since then every week I find the new little-known poem and I arrive with it as with the first.All neighbors are very happy, some followed my example, and now in the elevator there is always "what to esteem".It very much rallies and does the world though it is a little better.

My neighbors from above — the young constantly swearing couple.Our house has a very good audibility, so I witness every scandal.The next evening did not become an exception.I decided to play something a piano.Practically at once shouts became more silent, and after stopped at all.I stopped playing, the guy with the girl began to discuss my execution, and after the young man told the wife that he madly loves her.

15 unexpectedly kind stories about people who are worthy ranks

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My neighbors are Armenian family. I always thought they were unsociable, on my mind, as with no one to communicate, run past, lowering his head, and the children do not greet at the meeting. And recently I learned that the father of the family at his own expense repaired the Playground in the yard, the mother wears products lonely grandmother — neighbor on top. On new year's eve I will leave gifts at their door, call and run away.

On the floor in our wing 4 apartments.Every year on New Year's Eve I expose a box of "Raffaello" on a bedside table.On a leaf I write with a marker a congratulation to the neighbors, I attach it on an entrance door in a wing, and...circulation of vkusnyashka in a box begins! Neighbors are treated with rafaelka, put the candies in a box, contents are constantly updated directly about Old New year.
Here and now I prepared the next chocolate gift.

15 unexpectedly kind stories about people who are worthy ranks

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When was small, we with family lived in the apartment on the 11th floor. Balconies in the house open. Very often I took a polyethylene bag of handles, bound it on a rope and lowered. When got, received everyones yum-yum in the form of fruit, chocolates and put in reply something from herself. Here so we lived with neighbors of first floors in peace and friendship, and mother constantly was surprised from where food undertakes.

In our halls the lodger with the wife moved into. By the form the convict the convict — the terrible man with domes on a stomach. All were rather afraid of it.

We stand with it on kitchen once, we make a dinner, he turned near plates, and then asks: "These ovens normally bake? I want to prepare for the wife of Napoleon. I think, cake layers propenutsya?" then treated with

15 unexpectedly kind stories about people who are worthy ranks

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The neighbor weighed 130 kg more than a year ago. Started going to the gym, to eat properly. First jeered over it. But a year later weighs 75, will tighten. Looking at it, with the husband excluded fat, flour. In few weeks went to the gym too. The result already later is available 2 months. Generally, now all entrance conducts ZOZh.

15 unexpectedly kind stories about people who are worthy ranks

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I live alone, once changed the ceiling on the balcony.Was not enough a little therefore with edge stuck two tiles which remained from last repair — all the same it is not strongly noticeable.Drawings different, naturally, but if not to look at a ceiling, then it is normal.In a week the call to a door — came the neighbor, the young man, told that his windows come to that party where my balcony and that cannot look at these different tiles any more.With itself brought cake, building materials and re-stuck a ceiling on a balcony. In Love.

Do you live well with your neighbors?

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