16 breeds of domestic cats about which you, most likely, never heard

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16 Breeds Of Domestic Cats About Which You, Most Likely, Never Heard

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New cat breeds appear in the world constantly. Some — as a result of accidental communications or mutations, and some become a result of long and laborious work during many generations. Short-haired, bald, yellow-eyed, similar to tigers and leopards, with the bent ears and short paws — the imagination of manufacturers is almost boundless.

As amended by also love cats, and we found some of the rarest, new and unusual cats living with loving owners around the world.

The coat of these cats looks like a hard wire (hence the name of the breed), but in fact it is as soft as other cats. Animals of this breed after washing try not to comb, so as not to "spoil the hair." American wire-haired cats are curious and obedient, easy to adapt to change.

The African cats to a sokoka are similar to little cheetahs: a spotty color with a characteristic necklace, large ears and hyperactivity. The breed appeared in the late seventies the last century and quickly became popular in Europe. In life to a sokoka are unpretentious and independent, but owners should provide them a lot of place for games.

The Nibelungs are descended from Russian blue cats. Young Nibelungs can be quite aggressive towards the guests of the house, but very affectionate with the owners. Another characteristic feature of the breed-almost the quietest voice among cats and General silence.

Minuets, or napoleona, is a successful attempt to cross manchkin and the Persian cats. These cats do not demand any specific leaving, and their high intelligence and lack of aggression do minuets by almost ideal pets. The first name of this breed — Napoleon, with a hint on the small growth of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Some of the most unusual cats in this selection — laperma. Their feature — a natural permanent wave what also the name of breed — la perm hints at. Graceful curly animals conduct the family tree from an ordinary domestic cat from Dallas.

Chantilly-Tiffany-a cat with a long silky hair chocolate hue and amber eyes. Cats of this breed are very smart, friendly, good to children. In care unpretentious, but long hair should be combed every week.

The cat similar to Bagira from the fairy tale by Kipling, despite the name, was brought not in India, and in the USA. The result turned out impressive: amber-yellow round eyes, dense and smooth black wool — the real black panther. The predatory shape does not prevent the Bombay cats to be house and very affectionate pets.

Flappage, or foldex is cats, more reminiscent of a soft toy. The combination of British Shorthair, Scottish fold and Persian breeds led to the appearance of fluffy, fold and absolutely not aggressive cats. Flappage very loving, affectionate and dependent on the host.

Distinctive feature of cats of breed an American curl — ears of an unusual form. Kyorla are both long-haired, and short-haired, any color, the main thing that ears were smoothly twirled back. Kyorla very faithful and talkative cats with excellent health.

Not only laperma can brag of a permanent wave. One more curly cats are Selkirk Rexes. It is a hybrid of the Persian, British and exotic breeds with a prepotent gene of curly wool. Selkirk Rexes are similar to little bear cubs, also myagkokharakterna are very affectionate. Their wool needs to be combed out every day, otherwise koltuna are inevitable.

The hybrid of a sphinx, manchkin and kyorl collected all characteristic signs of breeds: tiny (up to 2 kg) a cat with short thick pads, recurved ears and without indumentum. Most of all he reminds a fantastic being. To look after dvelfa not easy: they are thermophilic, need frequent bathings and daily cleaning of eyes, a nose and ears.

The record on diminutiveness among cats belongs to the Singapore cats, or Singapore. Singapura are unpretentious and differ in excellent health, and the small sizes for many seem only plus.

-Sided — the real wolves from the world of cats. Their unique wool, black with a gray hair, reminds opossum fur: they have no underfur, they tend to fade. Besides, the lack of fur on a muzzle gives them a type of werewolves, from here and the name of breed. Despite an exterior,-sided very affectionate and friendly pets.

The hybrid of manchkin and American curls — to a kinkalo — has the most characteristic signs of both breeds. From manchkin they got the small sizes and short pads, and from kyorl — recurved ears. So far in the world there are less than hundred copies to a kinkalo, but the breed gains popularity.

One of the oldest European breeds, the Carthusian monks bred them 600 years ago. The Chartreuse is a large cat with honey eyes, blue hair and a independent character. The house take root well, but very jealous of other Pets.

Not yet fully recognized breed of the American ringtailed has one distinguishing feature — the tails of these cats are constantly rolled into the ring and lie on the back, as the huskies or husky. Ringtails are playful, curious, talkative and unlike most of their counterparts are very fond of water.

And you would like to have some of these breeds?

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