17 "jeans" secrets which fashionable bloggers shared

Posted by acapulcosilver 12/17/2018 12:16pm
17 "jeans" Secrets Which Fashionable Bloggers Shared

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Perhaps there is no clothing more common, familiar and beloved than jeans. Rare attacks in the spirit of " Yes this is a special!"do not make these comfortable pants less popular-almost every person in the wardrobe has a pair of jeans, and even more than one, and annual sales in the US alone are 450 million pairs!

At all practicality of jeans trousers most of us want that they were also beautiful, fitted well, emphasizing everything that needs to be emphasized. found several uncommon councils for the choice of ideal jeans in fashionable blogs.


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The dark color is slimming, and light — fat. This is one of the most common judgments about the color of clothing. In fact, a lot depends on the model of jeans and the type of figure of their owner. You can have jeans of any color that will look good on you.


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Generally, the planting of jeans is usually associated with growth. But it is much more important to consider the proportions of the figure.


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Is already told about types of a figure much therefore we will not begin to spend on them time in this article. But we will call several universal jeans styles suitable practically all — for those to whom the laziness or is no time to bother classification.


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It will be useful to mention also the most whimsical models of jeans from which it is often possible to wait for unpleasant surprises:

Familiar situation when two similar pairs of jeans one sits perfectly, and the second — so that you want to quickly remove it and hide? What is it? Something wrong with the figure? Not necessarily — we just sometimes forget that the devil is in the details.


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There are some more trifles which will allow you not to be mistaken upon purchase of jeans.


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And you have secrets which allow you to choose that ideal couple from all "jeans" variety? Are ready to share secret knowledge in comments?

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