18 Kind Stories From Which It Becomes Warm At Heart

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18 Kind Stories From Which It Becomes Warm At Heart

In this huge world where every day there are many events including not the most positive, it is important to keep kindness and disinterestedly to make good acts. For example, as the staff of ambulance who not only has helped the man during heart attack but also have returned to finish cleaning snow which their patient hasn't managed to remove.

Often bad events are fixed in our memory, and good are quickly forgotten. So let's tell about the last more, in the world there are so much sympathetic people.

Look this post, and you will see that around us there is a lot of good, it is necessary just for a thicket to speak about it.

Jahmal Cole from Chicago has written on the twitter that he needs the help for cleaning of snow at elderly people.

He has asked to come 10 people, but when day of cleaning has come, about 120 volunteers among whom there was a person who has passed for the sake of it long distance, and the grandmother of 70 years with the shovel have come. Jahmal has distributed to the assistants addresses to which the help is necessary, and everything together they have coped with ease before evening.


18 kind stories from which it becomes warm at heart


© travelingchapati/instagram   © travelingchapati/instagram

Christina and Evgeny, travelers who had a rest in India from Kiev, have risked and have decided to take away the dying puppy from India. They have faced a set of difficulties, but after all have made for him necessary documents. A puppy called Chapati, and now all of them together travel all over the world.


18 kind stories from which it becomes warm at heart


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For every Christmas the owner of this house thus distributes things to those, they can be necessary for a lump.

The Canadian figure skater Meagen Duhamel who has won gold in a command tournament in the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang saves the dogs who are grown up on slaughter. Last year she has taken away two dogs and in it is one more, and for another has found new owners in Canada.


18 kind stories from which it becomes warm at heart


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In October of last year the unknown man has opened fire in Las Vegas at a festival of country music "Route 91 Harvest". The malefactor shot from premises of hotel, and the man with a photo was wounded, having covered with himself the girl from a bullet, and it is actually estimable.

The difficult teenager Jeremy from a dysfunctional family has nearly brought the young teacher Chelsea to dismissal. Every day at school I became day it test: the girl couldn't punish the awful pupil in any way, than he also used. But the teacher collected the strength again and again, every day tried to find with him a common language.

And in 2 years at her it has turned out: the boy has like to her sympathy. When at the girl the contract has already ended and it is time to leave, the teenager has asked that she has taken away with herself him and the brother. Chelsie has been dumbfounded, but, having well thought, has made up the mind to this step: the pupil, his younger brother and the teacher became family — it has taken guardianship over them.

Now Chelsea is 26 years old and she works at high school, keeps the personal page where tells about Jeremy's progress. The guy was thoroughly improved in study, has ceased to feel like the loser and obviously aspires to coming to college.


18 kind stories from which it becomes warm at heart


© Wanja Mwaura/facebook

The female resident of Kenya Vandzha of Moire has saved the friend of the childhood which has got to drug addiction and left without relatives. She has created the page on which she has shared his history.

People have estimated kindness of the girl and have helped to raise money for a rehabilitation course. To Patrick it was difficult, but he has coped, has transferred treatment and became other person. After an absolute recovery she also has helped the friend to base a small shop in which development he is engaged now.


18 kind stories from which it becomes warm at heart


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At one of schools of America teachers have put an unusual case. Children from needy families can take from his shelves that aren't able to afford their family: sanitary products, clothes.


18 kind stories from which it becomes warm at heart


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During cleaning of snow the elderly person had had a heart attack. Employees of "ambulance" who have arrived on a call have appeared not only good experts, but also people with big heart. They have brought the man to hospital, and then have returned to finish cleaning of snow for him.


18 kind stories from which it becomes warm at heart


© Laura Wolf/facebook   © Aculanub/imgur

Evoni Williams from Houston was in the usual workplace in cafe. She has seen that the elderly man with an oxygen cylinder needs the help. At him it was impossible to eat the ordered food. Evoni has decided to help him, having cut her on pieces.

The woman who has seen it has been so touched by the employee's act that has decided to share this story on Facebook. The post was seen by many people, including the management of the Southern University of Texas which has offered subsequently to the girl a grant in $16 000 thanks to which she will be able to pay the training.


18 kind stories from which it becomes warm at heart


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The man has lost the purse and has by a lucky chance received it back with a note from one of the kindest police officers.

"My name is John Jett, I the police officer from the state police of the state Louisiana. In operating time on Mardi Grass I have found your purse on Bourbon Street near the street St. Louis. At first I wanted to leave him in lost and found of police station of the 8th area, but he didn't work. And then I have decided to send a wallet by mail. I have looked at the address on your documents. Everything in a purse remained the same as was when I have found it".

He has paid from own pocket for sending loss to the owner, and all money in a purse remained safe and sound.


18 kind stories from which it becomes warm at heart


© anthonycaere/instagram   © anthonycaere/instagram

The Belgian pilot works in the reserve of Africa, protecting animals from poachers. The cub of a chimpanzee — Mousse became one of such animals. The pilot has got out the kid of hands of the person who besides a chimpanzee held houses also two crocodiles, without looking after them properly.

But, fortunately, now with a cub everything is all right and well care for him.


18 kind stories from which it becomes warm at heart


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While the woman recovered after back operation, there was nobody to shovel away snow and ice near her house. And here someone from her neighbors has taken a situation under the control, having removed snow blockages.

The woman has written a note: "Thanks to you, the Snow Angel", and the next morning has seen the answer from the unknown assistant: "Always please". And she still doesn't know who this kind person.

The group of volunteers consisting of the former law enforcement officers, US Navies and other former military personnel helps with search and rescue of the children who have become the victims of trade. Their team has saved already 64 children for the last 3 years. The company promotes not only searching, but also provides legal aid, safe housing and rehabilitation.

The orthopedic surgeon Derrick Kampana was engaged in artificial limbs for people earlier, but once he has seen a pony who had no one leg. It has cut him to the quick, and the man has made a unique artificial limb for a pony.

Since then Kampana has departed from habitual orthopedics: he has made an artificial leg for the elephant who has been blown up by a mine in Thailand for Byyuti's kid and many other animals.

Aboard it became suddenly bad to the woman — she couldn't breathe. Fortunately, taking the same flight of doctor Mathew and John could assemble for her the medical ventilator from make-shifts.

They fought 45 minutes for the woman's life in a cabin until pilots have made emergency landing that have rendered to the woman the necessary help.

This guy not only good athlete, but also person with the kind soul. He has taken away to himself in 2014 two mongrels from Sochi, and this year — one from a dog farm in Pyeongchang.

But he became a savior not only for these three. Together with the Humane Society International organization the man has organized evacuation of other dogs from terrible cages. They were sent for overexposure after which animals are transported in shelters of the USA and Canada. And there to homeless doggies will find new families.


18 kind stories from which it becomes warm at heart


© Madison Palm/facebook

Everything happened at the airport where the girl with a dog waited for the flight. Suddenly the dog by nickname Cora has rushed to the gloomy man sitting nearby. Having seen her before itself, he wasn't frightened, and, on the contrary, has burst into tears with happiness. As it has appeared, the man has the day before lost the dog, and Cora has facilitated to him a grief of loss.

As if has felt a corgi that the man in grief, and I have decided to help him.

And among your acquaintances there were similar events? Or perhaps you have saved someone's life? Or have just rendered the small help? We hope, this article will inspire you to make even more good deeds.

Photo on the preview of anthonycaere/Instagram

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