8 stories about gifts from the childhood which will cause in you a bad attack of nostalgia

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8 Stories About Gifts From The Childhood Which Will Cause In You A Bad Attack Of Nostalgia

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All of us it is from the childhood. Do you remember how on New Year's Eve we passionately asked Father Frost to bring us something very important and treasured? Here readers of community "Pikabu" decided to remember everything and to tell about the most intimate — about gifts for New year and not only.

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8 stories about gifts from the childhood which will cause in you a bad attack of nostalgia

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New year came, and the grandfather suggested me to write the letter to Father Frost, to carry out the order of gifts and as I still was not able to write, the grandfather volunteered to help me: I dictate, and he writes.

And here we sit, I'm, like, such a doll, sweets such... My grandfather diligently wrote and at the end the following: "And the broom!»

I am shocked: what else broom?

Grandfather says, " A great Superman, will have your own to sweep the yard."

And begins a letter folding into an envelope. Of course, I yell and cry that I don't want a broom that you need to rewrite the letter... And grandpa just grins and says: that, all, all solved!

Few weeks about New year this broom dreamed me in bad dreams that Father Frost will misunderstand and will bring me a broom INSTEAD OF all gifts.

And here long-awaited holiday, morning, I run to the tree and there gifts: same doll, the package of Goodies I... broom! With a huge red bow! The broom was under my height: as it turned out, his grandfather made himself.

The grandfather already died, but I remember this gift still, and 20 years passed. It was very unusual, unexpected and strongly was engraved to me in the memory. Probably, forever...

— Ma, and why we have not enough money?
— Because do not pay the father salary.
let me Remind you, it was the 90's.Having learned subsequently that in principle salary has to be paid every month, I was very surprised.But then the bicycle therefore my brain issued the brilliant decision strongly wanted:
— Ma, and let's find the new father to whom pay salary!
I do not know where my father took money, but new "Pioneer" was at a birthday party of me.

When I was a class so in the second or third, I strongly began to be fond of geography. I wanted to learn where and what countries are what cities where are located, but at home, except the small atlas of the USSR, nothing on this subject was, and at school did not teach geography yet. Parents obviously saw my eagerness, but to go and just like that to buy the world map was inexcusable luxury at that time.

And here somehow once again in the winter mother went for a month to the city.While it was not, I very strongly caught a cold and after cold began to hand over positions, I began a complication.I could not get up because the head wildly began to hurt, here directly broke up therefore I stupidly for days on end lay on a sofa.The father was engaged in economy, occasionally visiting me and checking my state.One evening he knocked on the door and called me.I barely got to the porch, and dad pointed me to the empty barrels of pickles, which my mother sent from the city.This usually meant that there are Goodies.To me was here definitely not to vkusnyashka, I is somehow lazy waved away, I want like nothing on what the father got some roll which is wrapped up by newspapers because of a back and stretched to me.I reluctantly began to unfold Newspapers — and was stunned: there was a political map of the world with all countries, capitals, large and not very cities.Generally, rather detailed map.

I deployed the card on a floor and at least an hour sat over it, looking at exotic names of the countries of type of Sudan, Fiji, Bolivia, Lesotho...About the headache I no longer remembered: it simply disappeared.Did not pass also month as I already by heart knew the capitals of all states and with ease could show where what country is.By the way, my present knowledge of geography generally is data of those of years when I studied the presented world map.

For me this moment — still one of the brightest in life.

8 stories about gifts from the childhood which will cause in you a bad attack of nostalgia

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In due time parents presented to me for birthday radio-controlled .I was delighted! Kissed parents, grabbed the gift and ran out into the street.There ran with the panel for vertoletiky, shouted, joyfully laughed.Still I remember this feeling of true, genuine happiness! When played enough, came home, took a rag, very carefully wiped the gift from dust and put before himself on a table.The father and mother obviously did not expect such reaction, but it was visible that they are very happy that their gift pleased me.And when they got distracted, my wife came up to me and said in my ear, "you're crazy..»

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