Akhaltekintsa: Pride Of Turkmenistan

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Akhaltekintsa: Pride Of Turkmenistan

Akhaltekinets – incredibly beautiful horse with the wool casting metal. Many representatives of breed which present name has appeared not at once, blue-eyed.

The word "akhaltekinets" consists of two parts: "flow" – the tribe living in Turkmenistan which in an oasis "I gasped" was engaged in cultivation of these improbable animals.

The history of breed has ancient roots and is connected with the Parthian state. Now it was succeeded to keep this breed only in Turkmenistan. There animals are trained, giving craft and the accumulated experience from the father to the son.

The Hungarian orientalist A. Vamberi, after visit of Central Asia had had a written statement that beautiful horses are worthy the efforts spent for them. They are appreciated by east men above, than wives, children and even own life. The scientist claimed that all stories about improbable endurance and speed of animals aren't fiction or exaggeration.

Really, akhaltekinets are capable to make a huge way in any, even extreme conditions. Him at all fluctuations of temperatures from-30 to 50 degrees and also abstention from food and water within several days.

Turkmens consider akhaltekinets by national pride. Color of horses happens gray, black, brown and so forth. But light, especially izabellovy, the color looks fantastically best of all than others transfers metal modulations of wool.

Horses are quite often compared to dogs of breed the Borzoi or cheetahs because of a podzharost and muscularity. It seems to some people that horses too fragile, but it is additional confirmation of that appearances are deceptive.

Akhaltekinets has severe, but devoted temper therefore to him special approach is necessary. He quickly becomes attached to the person and badly transfers change of the owner.

Akhaltekintsa: pride of Turkmenistan

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