Arabic soccer: as play and are ill in saudi arabia

Posted by king-ermac 6/19/2018 01:14pm
Arabic Soccer: As Play And Are Ill In Saudi Arabia

The long-awaited FIFA World Cup — in Russia starts 2018 on June 14. On the eve of the football holiday "Round the world" tells about how treat one of the most popular ball games in different corners of our planet and what features this game has in the different countries.

In the first release we tell about one of the most mysterious national teams of the world and the first rival of our football players on the future FIFA World Cup — the national team of Saudi Arabia.

The average Russian fan of combined Saudi Arabia knows very little. It also is unsurprising, even in regional soccer this team long time was almost not allocated what to tell about world. On the Cup of Asia which is held since 1956 Saudis have for the first time got only in the 1984th, and on the first FIFA World Cup — only in the 1994th.

In Saudi Arabia there was rather late a national championship and local clubs have found the professional status recently. All this couldn't but affect game level. At the same time Saudi Arabia took part in a final stage of the World Cup four times and very soon will make it for the fifth time. For all these years the national team became the three-time winner of the Cup of Asia, still three times — the silver prize-winner of a tournament.




And here at World Cup 1994 the start of team of "falcons" as the Arab futolist are called by houses, was unexpectedly bright: the team has managed to beat Belgium and Morocco and has reached the playoffs where it in 1/8 finals has given way to Sweden. In the next world championships Saudi Arabia sometimes suffered a terrible defeat (for example, in 2002 I have lost to Germany with the score 0:8), but the world football community knows: it is possible to expect anything from these children.

Practically nobody knows about the Arab football talents, at least because before they weren't allowed to leave borders of the country. However, recently it became known that several players of the national team have gone to the European clubs (mainly Spanish) according to partner programs. And clubs won't pay football players salary — on the contrary, teams will receive money for the fact that they will give to Saudis playing time and an opportunity properly to perfect the skills.

As for concrete names, today many consider the most high quality member of the national team 23-year-old Fahad Al-Muvallad. s game qualities quite correspond to the European soccer — the midfielder perfectly bypasses defense of the rival, and his goals always turn out bright. Among other more or less famous players it is possible to mark out "veterans" of local soccer — Yasser Al Kahtani, Osama Havsavi, Taisir Al-Dzhassim. Each of them has played for the national team already more than one hundred matches.




Juan Antonio Pizzi, the Argentinean who played long time in Spain, in particular in Tenerife, Valencia and Barcelona trains team of Saudi Arabia. s trainer's career developed mainly in Latin America — in Mexico, then in Chile. With Pizzi's Chileans I have won the Cup of America, but I have left team after his wards haven't got on the World Cup. Nevertheless the offer of new work, in Saudi Arabia, hasn't kept itself waiting long.

Of course, at Asian soccer the specifics, and it especially is noticeable in such closed original country as Saudi Arabia. First, foreigners aren't really welcomed here. In all four World Cups in which the national team of Saudi Arabia participated in her application was any player from local clubs. According to rules of Asian Football Confederation, exclusively local player can be the goalkeeper, and natives of other countries in team there can be no more than four, besides that one of them has to be all the same from Asia. It is a question of prestige, local clubs almost don't earn money, they are sponsored by sheikhs and the government. And time so, why legionaries?




As for the rate of a game, even he will seem to the person, far from soccer, quite slow. After all life in the desert leaves the mark: here it is necessary to do often breaks and not only to take a sip of waters, but also first of all for a Mohammedan prayer. Anyhow? The pause in a match on the near future of a prayer is obligatory, and in the territory of almost any Arab club there is a mosque or the special place near stands where it is possible to spread prayful rugs.




Men in Saudi Arabia love local soccer and well understand it. By itself, nobody watches matches with a glass of beer — alcohol beyond the law here. But where still you will see the company of emotional fans who watch a game with a cup of tea or coffee? As for women, still quite recently they weren't let to stands, but this year the king Salman ibn Abdul-Aziz Al Saod has issued the decree according to which ladies at last will be able to go to a game. Moreover, for them will release special fan attributes!

Arabians have nothing to lose: from them nobody waits for anything, and already only therefore they are capable to create many problems to teams of Russia, Egypt and Uruguay with which they are in one group in the future championship.

"Falcons" on full will give all the best, it is unknown when they get out to the FIFA World Cup next time. In addition, within the last year the national team of Saudi Arabia in principle plays surely and bypasses in Asia even traditionally strong rivals, for example Australians.




Analysts have bases to believe that players of the Saudi national team have managed to accumulate useful experience in top European clubs. And they had houses and there are all conditions for development of potential: stable budgets, new qualitative stadiums and training bases. And still, of course, year-round summer, though very hot.

Generally, let many also consider the national team of Saudi Arabia the easy rival, but you shouldn't underestimate her: Arabs can present to competitors and fans the mass of surprises.

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