Artist told about what is happening behind the scenes arena of the circus

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Artist Told About What Is Happening Behind The Scenes Arena Of The Circus

No matter how you react to the circus with the children's enthusiasm and respect or skepticism and criticism, — to get acquainted with the blog of Catherine Zapashny is the followers of both camps. Artist with years of experience in acrobatics and training leads honest notes about the life of the circus, tells about the peculiarities of his work and does not get tired to fight with annoying stereotypes.

Revision invites its readers to look behind the scenes of the circus along with our brilliant guide.

Catherine met earlier with circus life and have gone every step. However, that will someday become a famous artist, almost never dreamed.

Now she wins the hearts of the audience, speaking as a solo artist and together with her husband, Konstantin Rastegaev. A couple tours, a day without parting with a daughter.

During the work the artists are not distracted even the charms of the most beautiful resort towns. Relax and explore the area can only succeed when the program is over and before leaving to another city in a few days. The main thing — to have time to pack.

Fees — this is a special "fun". Stocks of outrageous outfits and accessories are pleasing to the eye only on the hangers. When you begin packing, at the same time and want to take all and to hell to throw. Besides our heroes consider it irresponsible to deprive the child due to his touring profession. So, certainly taking a box of toys, a Bicycle, rollers, easel, books etc.

To create a sense of home anywhere, most pairs have a little more than 10 things. Among them, for example, table lamp, Slippers and a microwave. "We also periodically acquire stuff. So once a year there is a total cleaning: discarded or sent to the mom that is not used every month."

The stark contrast between the actors during performances and performers during rehearsals. All shaggy, with bags under the eyes, in shape, stained and smelling of animals. Catherine laughs that instead of spirits, and cute little things on the dressing table they are funds from sprains, pain killers, various creams and bandages. "Ask the artist cream — there is no such, ask cream type "Finalgon" just is".

Jokes by jokes, but the level of injuries in the circus is really high. Everyone knows that may remain disabled or die, performing a trick, but nobody believes that's going to happen with him. "I never watch video on downs at the circus. I don't need this fear, which settled my uncertainty." But even if we forget about the deadly hazards, risks and the pain is eternal the assistants of the artist, always invisible to the viewer. Looking for a fascinating show, a rare viewer will think: "if Everything was okay with the neck of the artist who holds Perche?" Gymnasts, acrobats suffering from pain in knees, back, and torn muscles. "And nobody leaves. Because the sound of your music, and you're not you. You're an artist. You're image."

In the circus, like theatre, does not happen second take. If the artist made a mistake, no matter how Golden he was, about 2 000 people witnessed the debacle. The artist is a prisoner of his role. It needs to be bold and keep the way to the end. Even if the nights he cries in the pillow, a group disorder that has revealed herself trauma or escaped the room, he is obliged to go out and be exactly the way she wants him to be a spectator and Director.

A lot depends on the environment. Catherine notes that working in a clean, good circuses, proud feeling artist, she is not ashamed to shoot and share a video about how animals live, work and rest is easy.

When you have to come to the circuses to be demolished and the same hotel with them... Here the speakers themselves are ready to write in "circus" or "white Gypsies". Then not that opponents of the circus can not prove anything — the speakers themselves feel ashamed and disgusting from the conditions in which to work and live.

Unfortunately, the artists and their wards rarely have the opportunity to choose how comfortable will host their performances. And if people still have the opportunity to try to rent an apartment (though not always successfully), decent room for the animals — only a matter of luck.

You don't need to think that artists it's not depressing. They understand that to attach to the art of circus candid misery impossible even those who sincerely loves the circus. But his workers are the same dependent people as those that work in offices or restaurants.

Children come to the delight from the bright costumes and trained animals, but they are not able to assess the complexity and risk of tricks, the quality, acting and drama. Stage rooms designed for adults who can assess the statement as a whole.

Clingy "child" stereotype is very common to hear attacks like "gymnasts naked, vulgar costumes, debauchery in the eyes of the children." Alas, this is the illiteracy rate and "collective-farm" to the audience. The heroine of the article argues that in Europe the main audience of the circus adults, understand that the minimum or the slim suit is not erotica, but first and foremost comfortable for the acrobat working form.

Extra fabric not only detracts from the demonstration of the sports skills of the artist, it can hamper its movement and prevent you to perform tricks.

It often happens that the circus performers themselves make-up artists and costume designers. Catherine admits that the costumes themselves don't sew, but adorns on their own. Of course, the makeup, and the creation of scenic images the taste, otherwise really easy to slip into vulgarity.

Artist told about what is happening behind the scenes arena of the circus

© katerina_ptica / instagram © katerina_ptica / instagram

Stage makeup needs to be catchy and expressive to the face of the actor was visible to the viewer even in the last row. Our heroine is not without self-irony recognizes that she is not immediately possessed good stage makeup.

It is easy to verify that modern cosmetics, master-classes and constant practice make it possible for any transformation.

Especially if they love animals as much as Catherine. She loves, it seems, all of them, but her main specialty is taming dogs.

"Half the rehearsal I squeezed, the second — trying to run a business, but not always goes: someone again, I want to cuddle".

Artist knows "in your face" and the nature of each of their 20 dogs and describes in a blog is not only heartwarming stories related to each of them, but also shares personal experiences parenting, tips on treatment and care.

Catherine never ceases to amaze the ignorance of the masses and struggling with unfounded claims. In addition to the publication of facts and even a small lecture about the animals she denies with pseudoscientific sites.

Comes to the ridiculous: some animal welfare advocates are outraged by the imprisonment and exploitation of "wild camels". However, camels are the same domesticated many centuries ago, animals like cows or horses. People eat them with milk and meat, cut their hair and learn to walk under saddle. Camel farms are widely distributed and perfectly legal.

"It is in this age to begin to educate the "kids" in the circus. They understand that the person is a mother, leader, friend, supporter. First time parent-trainer just sits with the "child" is in his space, with hand feeding, and playing. Animals born in captivity can not live without man. They can't hunt, they have a different immune system. They clearly know that the food will bring to them exactly on time.

People who raised them out of these babies, humanize them. Sometimes in conversation you can not immediately understand what we are talking about the animal".

Circus artists are not Gypsies and not criminals. They don't steal babies, not repurchased them from poachers and do not have any relationship to the black market. Future four-legged "colleagues" gain on farms, the breeders or in zoos, that is, babies are born already not in the wild.

No sane trainer will not beat an animal

State circus is the duty veterinarian and each animal included in the official roster and can not just go and disappear or appear out of nowhere. They eat also in accordance with the rules and not even every meal will eat. Like other employees, the animals at the right age to "retire": often they take home the two-legged "colleagues", or they are left to live right in the circus trainers do not want to part with their pupils.

"I am grateful to the defenders of animal rights, because the mission are noble. Only no need to fight against the circus, and against the cruel training!"

There are unscrupulous people in every profession, and it is not necessary to put the stamp on all at once, just because you heard about the lawlessness of one of them. No one will speak out against schools, police or medicine, although nightmare stories about teachers, police and doctors, perhaps even more than the trainers.

Catherine also advises more critical of information received: one incriminating story (often out of context) is enough to cause a public outcry. And he is the stronger, the less people know.

A serious blow to the art of the circus applied to the owners of private (especially provincial) tent: in contrast to the official Russian state circus company, they really do set the rules on buying, maintenance and education of animals. What would this owner do regarding four-legged "employee", it is unlikely to prosecute.

The root of all evil not only in the fanatical trainers. There are many unscrupulous breeders, veterinarians, and simply pet owners who have four-legged without any responsibility or desire to deal with them.

Should unite against such treatment of animals, not circus.

Children traveling parents quite happily, without regrets, changing the city's kindergartens and schools. They don't know any other life and easily move each month to a new home. To arrange a circus child in the public garden — awful paperwork. To avoid wasting time and nerves, many are made in private. Those who walk to school, sometimes up for the program while traveling. Things, books and toys the older guys in the team are transferred, Jr.

"Our children do not feel the pangs of affection, not worried about climate change, they are not floating time zones, no problems with communication. Due to frequent changes in the environment, they do not shy and very easy to join the new team. We don't need a period of adaptation".

Someone will say that the more romantic and happier childhood than in the circus, not imagine, but hardly little Sasha, like other circus children, is aware of this: circus — this is just routine. "She knows no other life and therefore sees nothing unusual in the fact that around juggling, standing on the hands, smells, animals, clothing, sawdust, go hippos, camels, tigers..."

Catherine tries to follow a few important rules in the education of her daughter, for example, to always wonder if she is happy

"'t know when the animal bit the child! Always is a provocation on the part of the child: fingers in mouth, eyes to poke, pull tail. Learn to respect the animal and appreciate its tranquility and privacy, in principle, teach your child to respect other people's opinions and space."

Artist believes that the bad example of his abuse or neglect with the "just animals" in the eyes of the child we spoil the future member of society. He will grow indifferent, not knowing compassion, and mercy.

Blog Catherine find useful and educational not only fans of the circus, and her posts can often be found thanks to those who until recently belonged to the circus industry with a large bias. Colleagues also Express my appreciation to the artist for her efforts to defend the good name of the circus and show the profession from the inside.

And did you think some of the comments our heroine?

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