Before a divorce the wife has set to the husband one condition. the ending of history makes cry …

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Before A Divorce The Wife Has Set To The Husband One Condition. The Ending Of History Makes Cry …

Once upon a time there was one married couple in which everything has been got as well as at many: the husband works, the wife brings up the son and is in charge of housekeeping. 10 years there was this family until once the husband admitted that he wants to divorce. The wife has asked only one question: "Why?". He has answered: "I have fallen in love with another". The woman hasn't sustained and has burst into tears. It was very a shame to the man, their family once was very happy. And the wife loved him as before. But he wanted something brand new, freshness of feelings …

He has offered the wife the house and the car and also has rewritten on her 30% of stocks of the firm. So he calmed himself that his family won't starve. However the wife has broken off paper on which divorce conditions have been written, and has asked to postpone a divorce at least for a month. At their son examinations have to begin soon, and the rupture of the relations of parents could cause a failure. The man has agreed. He has accepted and one more condition.

The wife has asked to take out every day before work her on hands from the bedroom and to inform a house threshold. As in the wedding day only in the opposite direction. The man has thought that the wife slowly goes crazy, but hasn't decided to refuse to her.

In the first day the husband has very clumsily taken her on hands and has hardly informed a threshold. He already has also forgotten how it becomes. For the second day everything left much better. When the husband carried the spouse on hands, he for the first time for long time has peered at her face. Yes, she is already elderly: easy wrinkles, gray hair. The man has remembered how he a few years ago adored this woman. I liked to carry here so her on hands, to kiss on the lips, to iron hair.

In the next days the man with ease lifted the wife on hands. He has even thought that these exercises have developed in him force. To most of all new family ritual the son rejoiced. He was told about a divorce. Somehow the woman has complained that all her things became big. And it is valid, she has strongly lost weight. The husband has thought that she worries because of a divorce and therefore badly eats.

Month came to an end, and the spouse began to think: and whether it was worth getting divorced? In thirty days he had again had feelings to the wife. In the last day he as if a fuzz has lifted the wife on hands and has incurred to a threshold. She strong has embraced him. The man has felt aroma of her spirits. Those spirits which he has presented her and which demented him a few years ago.

That day the husband hasn't gone to work. He has gone to the mistress. The man has told that he has decided not to get divorced as he has fallen in love with the wife again. The mistress has given to him slap in the face and has told that he didn't appear in her house any more. But the man also didn't gather. He has bought a huge bouquet of flowers and has pinned to him a note: "I will always carry you on hands".

Having arrived home, he has called the wife. But she didn't respond. Then the man has risen to the bedroom. The woman lay on a bed. She was dead. At first the husband has thought that the spouse has swallowed tablets and has committed suicide. But opening has shown that cancer was the cause of her death.

The spouse just hasn't told about a disease to the husband, and that and hasn't noticed that she all this time was sick. Such ease with which the spouse raised it is also explained by it. She didn't want that the son knew about a divorce therefore the woman did everything possible that for their child the relations remained ideal in memory. The son will remember the father the loving husband. And when he will grow up, will follow this example for construction of own family.

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