Blind faith: the 5 most dangerous religious sects

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Blind Faith: The 5 Most Dangerous Religious Sects

Fear of the end of the world and belief in a new, better world dazzle. For the sake of salvation of the soul people are ready for strange, and sometimes just wild acts: to mutilate themselves, to destroy relatives or "brothers in faith" and even to part with their own lives. "Around the world" tells about the five most famous and terrible sects and cults.

Ideology: only one who follows the ten commandments will be saved at the end of the world Crime: mass murder

In 1989, the 37-year-old resident of Uganda Credonia Mwerinde declared himself the messenger of the virgin Mary and persuaded the local wealthy landowner, Joseph Kibwetere. Together they founded a sect, whose adherents by 2000 were several thousand people.

Discipline in the sect was strict, and the commandments were observed fiercely. Members of the community in all unquestioningly obeyed the leaders. They were forbidden to talk, so as not to accidentally break one of the commandments and not to say "false testimony". Mverinda and her associates forced the adepts to sell all their property and give them the money.

The end of the world, declared Mverinda, each time postponed. After another" broken " Apocalypse, some adherents doubted the truth of the doctrine and demanded to return the money invested in the sect.

On the seventeenth of March 2000, 530 people gathered in a makeshift Church in the village of Kanungu, waiting for the "last" end of the world. As soon as the doors were closed, the building was set on fire. The Windows were boarded up, people couldn't get out.

Investigation at the scene of the mass murder in Kanungu, Uganda, June 2000

During the investigation, the police found the remains of 395 people who were killed before the fire. Just victims of " Movement..."there were 925 people. Credonia Mwerinde and Joseph Kibwetere managed to escape, and since they are declared in the international search.

Ideology: when the end of the world comes, only the carriers of secret knowledge (members of the sect) will be saved, whose souls will move to Sirius Crime: murder, coercion to suicide

Inspired by the philosophy of the Rosicrucians and the teachings of the British occultist Aleister Crowley, in 1984 doctor Luke Jure and entrepreneur Joseph Di Mambro created a secret society "Order of the Temple of the Sun."


It took Jure and Di Mambro almost 10 years to become a complex structure and ideology of the organization. Leaders predicted the imminent end of the world, during which the planet will die. To escape, they argued, can only those who will be able to separate the soul from the body by fire, so that she could move to Sirius.

In October 1994, in the Swiss village of Shary were found the bodies of 23 members of the sect, still 25 — in the town of Sal'van IV three ski chalets nearby. At the same time in Canada in the house belonging to Luke Jure, there was a fire. Arrived at the scene firefighters and police found the bodies of several victims. In December 1996, 16 more bodies were found in The French Alps, and in March 1997, 5 people burned themselves in Canada.


The investigation revealed that all the victims in Switzerland, France and Canada in 1994-1997 were adepts of the "Order of the Temple of the Sun": on the day of death, many were dressed in ritual clothes, on the ground of the tragedies found the symbols of the sect.


The victims of the cult were about 100 people. Less than half of them died as a result of self-immolation (including Jure and Di Mambro), the rest were killed.

Ideology: "the Law of love — - to become children of God, you need to love each other Crime: child molestation, forced prostitution

The children of God sect was founded by the 49-year-old Protestant preacher David Berg. Calling himself the prophet Moses-David, or simply MoE, Berg lays out his teaching: love is life and true faith, and sexuality is the Supreme creation and miracle of God. "The law of love," Berg resonated with hippies, hungry for external and internal freedom. They became the first adepts of the new sect.

With his" children "the prophet communicated with messages-the so-called" letters of Mo", which he wrote about three thousand. The letters were devoted to a variety of topics: from explanation of the concept of sin to everyday issues. Many messages revealed aspects of Berg's ideology and served as direct instructions.


Berg called on members of the sect to" share "love with their co-religionists and show" the true love of God " to children. The community encouraged sexual contact between adults, regardless of their marital status, between adolescents, between adults and children or adolescents, between parents and their children. On Berg's instructions, they were engaged in prostitution in the sect. Women sectarians met wealthy men, seduced them, and later demanded to join the community.

By 1978, the sect had over a hundred colonies around the world. In the United States, France, Portugal and other countries on the activities of "Children of God" drew the attention of the authorities and the media. Heads of colonies accused of pedophilia, production of a child pornography and the organization of prostitution. mself "prophet Mo" was put on the international wanted list.

Ideology: you can save the soul only by taming the body Crime: mutilation

SopCast appeared in the second half of the XVIII century in the province of Orel. The founder of the movement, peasant Kondraty Selivanov, believed in the victory of the spirit over the body and preached the fight against carnal desires. Pretty soon, he found a kindred spirit.

The scopians did not encourage marriage and disliked childbearing. They believed that the only way to cope with bodily "low — lying" desires-is the accumulation: full or partial removal of the genitals, and sometimes nipples. Women were also subjected to the mass.


The cruelty of the traditions of the sect had been banned. The scouts were tried by entire communities-they were sent to war, put in prison and exiled to Siberia. Despite this, the sect grew, and by the middle of the XIX century the number of adherents reached several thousand. Communities of osprey appeared in the neighboring Oryol provinces, in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kostroma and other cities, as well as in Siberia.

At the beginning of the XX century many osprey together with representatives of other religious movements emigrated. Some small communities operated in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Saratov, Kuban and the North Caucasus. But the physical in them is no longer practiced, it was replaced by a" spiritual " — an ascetic lifestyle, abandonment of family and sexual life.

Ideology: worship of the goddess Kali as a symbol of destruction and death Crime: sacrifices

On October 11, 2013, the British newspaper Daily Mail reported an incident in India: a man strangled his eight-month-old son in the name of the goddess Kali. A resident of Uttar Pradesh named Rajkumar bathed his son in the evening and took him to the temple dedicated to Kali, and after prayer returned home with the child and killed him near the statue of the goddess. To arrest a man police helped neighbors. According to the detainee, he sacrificed his son to the goddess Kali, so she gave happiness to childless couples.


Kali in the ndu Pantheon is one of the incarnations of the mother goddess, the most revered deity in shaktism (towards nduism). Despite its frightening image-a four-armed woman with blue or black skin, with a necklace of human heads and a belt of human hands, holding a severed head and a sword, it is considered a defender of the demons. Kali governs human life from conception to death and represents three forces: creation, preservation and destruction. But the followers of Caligula — one of the currents of shaktism — worship is her fearsome incarnation.


Since ancient times, an important ritual of honoring Kali were sacrifices, and up to the XX century, often human. Now the gift of the goddess bring buffaloes, goats and poultry — human sacrifice in India is strictly prohibited. However, sometimes in Indian and Western media there are reports of ritual murders in the temples of Kali, similar to the one described above.

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