Dermatologists told why to treat skin follows emotions, not the creams

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Dermatologists Told Why To Treat Skin Follows Emotions, Not The Creams

Suddenly got out a zit can spoil the mood of anyone. But what if this mechanism works in the opposite direction and what we feel directly affects the appearance of these pimples?

At least professionals psychodermatology say it's real.

Revision talks about the connection between psychology and cosmetology and what wonders the human body is capable of.

We know that the psychological state of a person affects the body and the skin. But the emergence of a new narrow field is not due to the desire of the professionals to profit. First, the approach of "well, it's all so clear" the science is not working, she needed proof and max specifics. Second, such a "rebranding" allows for a new perspective on known topic.

American clinical specialist Matthew Traub believes the communication between the senses and the skin is just amazing. "I have clients that suffer from acne. They noticed that the more they experience, the more manifest inflammation".

Dermatologists told why to treat skin follows emotions, not the creams

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Change the properties of the skin — the body's natural reaction, for example, when we blush from embarrassment or anger. However, during times of high stress or anxiety in the body begin to be released molecules of inflammation. Is more powerful the release of certain neurohormones, the nervous system becomes agitated, and this, in turn, affects the behavior and even death of certain immune cells. When severe or chronic stress is a disruption of the functions of the skin, hence the different diseases, from pesky acne to psoriasis.

There are also cases of "magic" healing of skin diseases. Dr. Traub confesses that his father also pursued the study of psychodermatology like something made for little Matt "medicine" of warts, consisting of a mixture of salad dressings. In a day or two the wart was gone.

More scientific experiment conducted by the canadian McGill University: children with multiple disorders were asked to go off the MRI machine, saying that this machine will teach their brain to treat the disease. Among the participants was a girl suffering with eczema with neurotic excoriation. After a few weeks of "sessions" as all children, including girls, have improved significantly.

Of course, such cases cannot be called statistically significant, but they do tend to be less interesting.

Dermatologists told why to treat skin follows emotions, not the creams

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Then you probably think about the placebo effect. Traub does not deny that the placebo plays an important role here, although I am convinced that we are talking about a much more profound impact. How our body uses the resource of imagination and responds to it, makes you wonder about the conscious management of our capabilities and the extent of self-destruction and heal ourselves.

"When working with clients I ask them to recall when they began their skin problems. They often associate them with some unpleasant event. When we're doing therapy in this context, after a few weeks skin feels much better."

Not quite. First, diseases of the skin — only one form of manifestation of stress. It depends on your own genetic predisposition: one person may respond to experiences hair loss, the other — acne, and the third a gastric ulcer.

One of the most difficult is the question of the root cause: stress caused the disease or consequences of the disease provoked stress?

Likely the first option is quite high: several recent studies have confirmed that the # 1 cause of skin problems is not a diet, not weather conditions or side effects of medicines, namely our emotions.

Dermatologists told why to treat skin follows emotions, not the creams

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Working with their clients, Traub not only tries to find a connection between some event from the past and disease, but also helps people overcome the fear of what happens to them.

For example, when the complexes about the appearance hinder a person to live a normal life, to go out or chat, is a very effective therapy exposure. In the framework of the patient are regularly confronted with their fear, but very gradually and slowly — so that eventually "tames" your own, and thus ceases to poison ourselves with stress.

Seems odd to spend big money on grooming products when we have inside is everything needed to solve skin problems. However, the doctor emphasizes that the first thing to go to a regular dermatologist. Medicines and care products can solve your skin problems unless they have deep psychological roots. You can resort to psychodermatology as a secondary or last resort, when conventional medicine was powerless.

Dermatologists told why to treat skin follows emotions, not the creams

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Psychology can really work wonders, but, first, the connection between the mind and physical health is still too little studied, and second, such treatment requires deep introspection and inner work.

"Those who have to use a ton of makeup, in fact mask their feelings. To take a pill or apply the cream much easier. When there is a possibility of a quick "fix" — it is excellent. But I have to look for the root of the problem. There are people who spend years in search of cures to cure that does not have to skin any relationship", says Traub.

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