Dmitry Kobylkin Can Become More Popular Than Elon Musk And The Pope

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Dmitry Kobylkin Can Become More Popular Than Elon Musk And The Pope

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On September 27, 2016, the founder and the head of the American company SpaceX Elon Musk, on the 67th congress of the International astronautical federation which has passed in Mexico has read the plan of development of the Red planet. According to him, the probability that in the future on Earth there will be an accident after which it will be impossible to live on the planet therefore people have to turn into "an interplanetary look" is high. More than one million people is planned to be brought in the future to Mars, for creation to an independent civilization there. It will allow mankind as to a look to remain in case of global disaster.

Connects the Mask program from the ideas of rescue of a civilization from inevitable accident which has to happen on Earth. Even in this option, despite "nobility of thoughts" there is the first question, at the level of the third class of the Soviet school: "To Mars it is supposed to move one million people what to do to six billion nine hundred ninety nine million remaining and whether will lead it to a self-destructive war for places in marsolyota?"

The second question arises after the following information: "Any plans for colonization of Mars will demand from colonists the essential victim in the nearest future — full refusal of reproduction and any intimate relations if it is necessary for survival of all their collective, it is told in article published in the Futures magazine".

If immigrants to Mars aren't able to continue a sort, Musk's idea about resettlement, desire to save a civilization, or just the purpose to make "fast buck", considering that in 2011 Elon Musk has got Heinlein's award for outstanding achievements in commercialization of space?

Except the Mask, the Pope Francis also is concerned about the future of mankind. According to him: "Insufficient volumes of fresh water in the future can become the reason of World War III. The pontiff has made such statement on February 24, 2017, during the conference devoted to legal aspects of access to water resources writes the Rome Reports edition".

"Representatives of Catholic church already not for the first time pay attention to this problem. So, in November, 2016 the permanent observer of Vatican at Bernardito Aus's UN said that the growing tendency to privatize water and to turn her into goods "can put at serious risk access for the poor to drinking water. The father Roman said that the shortage of water can become the reason of World War III, also in November, 2014".

On June 18, 2015 "The Pope Francis has issued the encyclic about climate changes and the environment. In the history of Catholic church it is the first document of this sort. In the encyclic the father urges "to change development model" and "to care for our general house".

Formally both Elon Musk and the Pope Francis worry about the future of mankind, but the only result of their nervousness are the speeches which aren't confirmed with affairs.

When I hear about the next ideas the Mask, I have an impression that he, occasionally, has bought in a second-hand bench the Tekhnika Molodyozhi magazine for 1975. Imitating "great" I suggest to begin to realize the idea described in detektivno - the fantastic novel by Isaac Asimov for the first time published in the Galaxy Magazine magazine in 1953, "Steel caves".

Azimov, considering future overpopulation of Earth, I have suggested to create the cities under roofs in territories not suitable for normal life and to keep natural territories, without right of access, ordinary citizens, for receiving biological raw materials necessary in production of food and oxygen. The reserved territory now potentially is Russia.

For those who can't without Mars I offer the similar territory.


Dmitry Kobylkin can become more popular than Elon Musk and the Pope




Dmitry Kobylkin can become more popular than Elon Musk and the Pope


Conditions are almost Martian, but there is water. It is the district of the settlement of Tiksi.

Mask and the Pope, physically, can make nothing for rescue of mankind. It of course is sad if to hope for force of the western civilization. However, is on Earth, known to a limited circle of people, the persons having an opportunity to solve, under certain conditions, a problem of rescue of a civilization it is Dmitry Nikolaevich Kobylkin, the new Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Russian Federation.


Dmitry Kobylkin can become more popular than Elon Musk and the Pope


Dmitry Kobylkin can become "the savior of a civilization", not only because of the new position. As the former governor of YaNAO, he understands, the fact that because of a global trend to transition to "green technologies" the northern cities of the Tyumen region can become "dead".


Dmitry Kobylkin can become more popular than Elon Musk and the Pope


Therefore productions which will allow to live comfortably, the person interested to remain in these regions to people are necessary.

According to the Pope Francis, insufficient volumes of fresh water in the future can become the reason of World War III. Many Russian citizens consider that it doesn't threaten us. In Russia there is Baikal. If to look at the card of the North of the Tyumen Region, then on her it is possible to see thousands of lakes.

Baikal has problems and if to hope only for this lake, then it can be "drunk" irrevocably. Lakes in the north of the Tyumen Region small and depth of the majority doesn't exceed 1.5 - 2 meters. Some of them in droughty years dry.

Considering that water a natural resource without which the person can live no more than seven days, it is necessary to bring up a question of need of deepening of a part of lakes, to a condition of career reservoirs. On dumps of soil it is necessary to create the woods of "a carbon neutrality". It is possible to call them compensation woods, according to Vladimir Putin's proposal, but the option with "a carbon neutrality" allows to pressure Macron for financing of this program.

Also, happening in Nadym, Dmitry Kobylkin saw that in the same natural territory pines and cedars 3 meters high not suitable for use grow in wood processing and trees which can be used as timber. It isn't climate, and in a lack of their food and this problem not only for the North of Russia. In Ussuri Krai I was surprised by oaks no more than 10 meters high. Therefore there is an offer on creation of Improvement of Quality of the Woods institute. At the first stage, experimental work can be charged to employees of the Nadym tree nursery.

There is one more "free" natural resource, it is climate. As that, my familiar professors have taken me on a meeting with the academician V.P. Melnikov. When an opportunity to sound the position on climate has dropped out, the academician has told: "Guys, why you climb in policy?". The climate is considered by politicians, not as physical process, and as means of pressure upon the objectionable companies and states.

Recently across Russia there have passed the hurricanes which have caused huge material damage. Not carbon dioxide, but violation of the natural spreading surface became the reason of it. Jumps of air temperature are, also, not connected with carbon dioxide. Ruthless destruction of a natural power damper of the Wood became the reason of these weather cataclysms. It is necessary for restoration of damping opportunities of the wood in addition to the existing woods, to create new forests on the area of 3.5 million square kilometers, for this purpose it is necessary to create LLC Research and Design and Survey Institute on the Device of Lesokompensatsionny Territories on the basis of "The state agricultural university of the Northern Trans-Ural region" for search of territories and preparation them to a forest plantation.


Dmitry Kobylkin can become more popular than Elon Musk and the Pope


Weather cataclysms on the skin were tested also by inhabitants of the EU. One word of Vladimir Vladimirovich suffices and all Russian academicians "will find" the proofs confirming communication between existence of the woods in Russia and flooding of the Parisian subway. It can become a reason for cancellation of the European sanctions without "loss of the person". 195 presidents have endorsed the document on fight against climate change and this sacred business it is more important than sanctions.

All European unemployed, including migrants who without fail will have to work the right to nationality in the EU, will find works on these objects. The flow of migrants cheapskates to the European Union will sharply be reduced.

Dmitry Kobylkin, creatively using the position, can create conditions for normal existence of mankind in the next three hundred years and to become more popular than Elon Musk and the Pope. Cooperating with ROC efficiency of his work, can be higher because even on the landscapes similar to Martian, there are Orthodox churches.

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