Donkey march: 12 amazing facts about hungary

Posted by acapulcosilver 11/8/2018 01:11pm
Donkey March: 12 Amazing Facts About Hungary

They buy buckwheat in pet stores and pharmacies, in the spring, burn the coffins and never clink. However, all the quirks of the Hungarians is a logical explanation.

■ Hungarians love long words.


"Because of your constant desire to be undefiled". This word consists of 44 letters, has 11 suffixes and one prefix.

■ Sling girls at Easter with scented water, "to wilt".

■ Have 14 vowels, among them four "on" and four "u". They differ in the accents signifying the duration of the sound. For example, tör short ö means "breaks", and tőr long ő — "the dagger".

■ Sell buckwheat in pet stores as food for birds. You can find this cereal in drugstores.

■ Called the "dog waltz" "donkey March".

■ Burned on the main square of the coffin — so say goodbye to winter.

■ Don't go to Budapest on the trolley with the numbers from 1 to 69 — they are simply not. It is a relic of the socialist past. Trolleybuses in Budapest launched after the war in honor of the 70th anniversary of Stalin. The route got the number 70. Further, the numbering was from this number.

■ Raise a hand to school, to call to answer, folding two fingers — index and middle.

■ Sniffing grated horseradish to get rid of a cold, when indigestion eat very salty potato.

■ Do not clink glasses — it is believed that this brings misfortune.

■ Hot serving liquid yoghurt with fruits and berries at first, but not for dessert.

■ Call when they meet for the first name and then name.


Material published in the magazine "Around the world" № 10, October 2018

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