Electronic plaster for fixing fractures

Posted by idobuzz 9/23/2018 06:54pm
Electronic Plaster For Fixing Fractures Tech Business

Who hasn't come home with hands full of shopping at least once? All kinds of packages, bags and other containers often do not even give the opportunity to get to the door handle to enter the room. So it was exactly until the moment when an enterprising American student came up with a unique in its kind foot handle for the door.

Electronic gypsum integrated miniature device for conducting ultrasound studies. With it, you can accurately determine how successfully the bone splicing occurs. The data obtained allow us to make the treatment as effective as possible.

The device works from the battery, which is supplied with the charger. At the same time, the weight of gypsum is much less than the classical one, that is, its carrier does not get tired at all and does not feel discomfort.

To date, the device is actively promoted in the medical market, and some well-known European clinics have already adopted it. Probably, and domestic medicine would not prevent such innovations!

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