Folk remedies in fight against cough

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Folk Remedies In Fight Against Cough

During a season of catarrhal diseases many people face such unpleasant problem as cough. Cough is considered the first symptom of a sharp respiratory and viral infection or usual cold.

Therefore it is always necessary to treat not symptoms, but the reasons of his emergence. Certainly, it is necessary to see a doctor, however there are also recipes of traditional medicine which are checked by time and until now enjoy wide popularity. We will provide recipes of some cough remedies which are rather easy to preparing in house conditions.

1. I will merge rinsing of a throat

I will merge rinsing of a throat helps at all infectious diseases of the top airways. This solution removes puffiness, heals, disinfects and cleans a surface mucous. Rinsing needs to be made daily and hourly.

Table salt. On 200 ml of water it is necessary to take a teaspoon of usual table salt, to wait for full dissolution. To use solution at once after preparation. Sea salt. Sea salt of a fine crushing is dissolved in 200 ml of water – the teaspoon with the hill will be required. Solution isn't intended for long storage.

2. Warm milk with honey

Cough happens dry and damp. Dry cough usually develops at the very beginning of a disease. Mucous drinks and tracheas inflames, and the organism tries to cope with it. Cough arises as the answer to irritation. At the same time it is very important to soften the inflamed throat. Here also milk with honey is useful. This means stimulates development and otkhozhdeny phlegms, strengthens immunity that the organism could cope with an infection as soon as possible.

Milk needs to be boiled and cooled that was not hot, and warm. On a glass of milk to add a honey tablespoon. To soften the inflamed throat, it should be added butter to the milk mixed with honey. It helps to take off pain and irritation. And it is possible to add the same amount of mineral water from which it is necessary to produce gas previously to milk.

3. Ginger

Ginger has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action for this reason it is expedient to use him in treatment of respiratory diseases. Most effectively ginger treats a loose cough which often accompanies bronchitis and cold. Ginger for cough most often is taken in the form of drink or tea.

Fill in several pieces of the peeled ginger with boiled water. Leave to infuse for 15 minutes. It is necessary to take ginger tea three times a day. Ginger quite sharp therefore it is good to sweeten tea with honey, fresh mint and to add a lemon. Ginger tea serves also as fine prophylactic at epidemic of acute respiratory viral infections, it strengthens immunity. Tea from a root of ginger not only reduces risk to catch an infection, but also warms in cold time of the year.

Excellent alternative to pharmaceutical syrups – dense and sweet ginger jam. To accept him several times a day before simplification of cough. Ginger juice (1 Art. of l), sugar (0,5 glasses), water (1 glass), a saffron, nutmeg — on 1 pinch. For preparation of this syrup it is necessary to part sugar in water, to add the juice which is squeezed out from a ginger root and to boil until mix thickens. At the end to add nutmeg and a saffron.

Inhalations with имбирём for cough. It is necessary to grate a root of ginger and to fill in with hot water. It is the best of all for inhalation to do before going to bed.

4. Dry ginger and black pepper

The dry ginger and black pepper mixed together are traditional cough remedy. Only the tiny pinch of mix in language is required. It is effective mix for immediate simplification.

5. Lemon

The lemon can become very good assistant in fight against cough. Use a lemon at a loose cough. To boil thoroughly 1 lemon on slow fire of 10 min. that he became soft and that it was possible to squeeze out more juice of him. To cut a lemon in half and to squeeze out juice (better the juice extractor). To pour out juice in a glass, to add 2 tablespoons of glycerin, to carefully stir and add a glass up to the top honey. At weak cough to accept the received syrup according to 1 h to a spoon several times a day. Before the use to shake up. At a severe cough to drink syrup according to 1 h to a spoon of 6 times a day — in the morning (on an empty stomach), before a lunch and after him, towards evening, after a dinner and for the night. In process of reduction of cough to reduce number of receptions.

6. Milk with a turmeric

The advantage of milk with a turmeric is huge: this treatment of cough, cold, bronchitis. The turmeric is appreciated the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action. Also she has the soothing and disinfecting properties. Not without reason in the people she is called "natural aspirin". The turmeric is obliged by medicinal properties to the main thing and the most active component — a kurkumin. If expectorant means is necessary, it is good to inhale fumes from the powder of a turmeric heated on a frying pan. If to mix 1-2 tsps of powder of a turmeric with warm milk and to drink twice a day — cough will pass for couple of days. This means is the is best of all works against cough of the bacterial nature. It is possible to do inhalations with a turmeric. Chronic cough can be facilitated if to hold a small piece of a root of a turmeric in a mouth.

7. Grapes

Grapes are used not only as a fruit dessert and for production of wine, but also in traditional medicine. He helps at treatment of such diseases as bronchitis and laryngitis, at chronic pharyngitis and pleurisy, pulmonary heart failure and so on. In particular, grapes help even at tuberculosis. This recipe is used at emergence of loose or dry cough when a throat to become dry, and weakening of a voice is noticeably heard. It is necessary to take raisin and to wash out it in hot water. Later to wring out and boil in 300 ml of water, for 3-5 minutes. Further to merge broth and to cool. To crush and wring out onions from it juice. It is necessary to accept as follows — on 100 ml of broth of raisin to add about 15 drops of onions juice, to take medicine three times a day.

Fresh juice from the red grapes sweetened with a honey teaspoon — a good way of treatment of deep chest cough.

8. Garlic

Curative properties of garlic are noticed still in ancient times and ancient Aesculapians used it as folk remedy for treatment of many diseases. Garlic is a well of various minerals, vitamins and natural substances which are a prototype of antibiotics as as a part of a product is available аллицин, natural antiseptics.

And 0,5 liters of honey to mix juice from 2 heads of garlic, 1 lemon. To accept on 1 tablespoon a day. This recipe helps not only at cough, but also for strengthening of immunity. It is possible to make garlick milk. Bring 1 glass of milk to boiling and throw into him 3 whole garlic gloves. Boil thoroughly garlic to a soft state and pound him. Cool drink a little and add to warm milk honey to taste. It is necessary to accept means on 1 glass a day. This recipe will help not only for cough, but also from a helminthic invasion and also from a lyamblioz.

Children can give garlic from the 3rd summer age. For children up to 12 years the dosage should be reduced twice. For additional effect before going to bed near the patient in a radius of 30 cm place a saucer with the crushed garlic. The smell promotes sanitation of air in the room. Garlic isn't recommended to use to pregnant women and also people with GIT problems, diseases of a liver, kidneys and at epilepsy.

9. Sage

As medicine the sage is applied from an extreme antiquity and hasn't lost the popularity and today. This plant has bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect. The sage removes inflammations and spasms, makes antibacterial and antiseptic action, brings a phlegm out of bronchial tubes and eliminates cough. It is the best of all to prepare cough medicine from a dry sage.

The simplest is to prepare broth. On a glass of water — 1 tablespoon of a dried grass. To fill in with water in the enameled ware, to boil, potomit 5-6 minutes, to remove for several minutes from a plate, then again to bring to boiling. Then to remove from fire and to filter. Broth is ready. To drink before going to bed on a half of a glass once a day, a course — 1 week. For children the dosage is reduced twice. It is possible to store till 48 o'clock at a temperature of 5.

Dairy broth. For broth it is necessary to take a sage — 20 g, milk — 200 ml, butter — 10 g and honey — 10 g. To place leaves of a grass in capacity, to add milk. To put on a plate and to wait so far broth will begin to boil. To cool, filter and add butter. When broth infuses, to add honey to it. To mix and accept before going to bed.

Inhalations with a sage are a one more very effective method of fight against cough. It is necessary to take 100 g of leaves of a sage, 500 ml of water. To add sage leaves to hot water, to bend over capacity and to be covered with a towel. To inhale fumes within 10-15 minutes.

10. Moistening

Folk remedies in fight against cough

Usually the disease begins with dry cough. The virus settles in an organism, and the person coughs from tracheitis. There is no phlegm at this time, slime isn't enough, cough begins because of irritation in a trachea and in a throat, but to cough there is nothing. What to do? It is necessary to increase amount of slime which will help to soften a throat. To drink much. Liquid is necessary to increase amount of slime and a phlegm, and, therefore, and to facilitate cough. Drink has to be warm. Horoshoshchelochny drink. For example, Borjomi, mineral water. It is possible to warm up a little, and it is possible to mix with milk (one to one). It is obligatory to humidify the room. It is good to put a humidifier in the apartment. If he is absent, to do more often damp cleaning. The nose can be moistened, washing out sea water or the same Borjomi. Inhalations only with the nebulizer. With his help of inhalation it is possible to do just with physical solution, for clarification and moistening of mucous.

There are two main types of cough, dry (unproductive) and wet (productive). Productive cough is followed by allocation of a phlegm (slime). This type of cough shouldn't be suppressed as the organism has to get rid of harmful slime which is in a breast and lungs. Dry cough should be stopped.

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