How did the fate of the 17 main handsome soviet cinema

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How Did The Fate Of The 17 Main Handsome Soviet Cinema

When you look at these faces melted the heart of any Soviet woman. To get to the movies with their participation was considered a great success. And of course, everyone had a set of postcards with their images. They is amazingly talented and extremely charismatic actors, without which the Soviet and Russian cinema is partly to think about. But behind the bright appearance sometimes hide failures in professional and personal life.

The whole female half worked on this bright selection of handsome Soviet cinema, let's remember their names and the brightest roles.

How did the fate of the 17 main handsome Soviet cinema

© Hussar ballad / Mosfilm © eastnews

This is a truly diverse artist who is good as in Comedy ("hussar ballad", "Ivan Vasilyevich changes his profession", " Irony of fate, or with a light steam!", "Kin-DZA-DZA"), and the dramatic genre ("Idiot"," Dangerous turn","earthly Love"). He played several dozen roles in theater and cinema, voiced films, participated in radio shows, read the narration in several tapes. The artist received many awards and titles, awards for his work. Three times was married, there are three children, which, too, went in acting profession, and five grandchildren. He died of heart disease.

How did the fate of the 17 main handsome Soviet cinema

© The captivating star of happiness / thumbnail © eastnews

The popularity of the artist came with his first main role — Decembrist Annenkov in the film "the star of captivating happiness." Then followed the "Spring call", "Asya", "Nameless star", "Garage", "Tehran-43". Critics noted the" cute character " of the actor, and he embodied on the screen a variety of images. Plays in the theater, in the 80-ies even went to Norway, experiencing problems with roles on the home stage. And to this day Kostolevsky is a popular artist, he has dozens of films and theatrical works. Was married to actress Elena Romanova, which is the son of Alex. Since 2001 he is married to the French actress Consuelo de Aviland.

How did the fate of the 17 main handsome Soviet cinema

© Spring on Zarechnaya street / Odessa film Studio © Forbidden zone / Mosfilm

Glory to the actor came with the film " Spring on Zarechnaya street." He actually was very good in the role of the ordinary boys and hard workers that he again proved, starring in famous films "Girls", "Height", "Girl with no address". This was followed by no less well-known "they submit to the sky", "War and peace", "Liberation", "hockey Players", "to marry a captain." He had an amazing talent to imitate other people's voices, for which he was even expelled from the University, and later restored. With 70-80-ies played a little, died of a heart attack. He was married to actress Alla Larionova, raised two daughters, no grandchildren.

How did the fate of the 17 main handsome Soviet cinema

© D'artagnan and the three Musketeers / Odessa film Studio © wikimedia

In addition to bringing up the popularity of the actor to the skies the role of d'artagnan in the Musketeers the actor played in such films as "dog in the manger", "the Elder son", "Vivat, cadets", "the Prisoner of If castle", "don Cesar de Bazan", "Tartuffe" etc. the Artist performed songs in films, voiced cartoons, released several solo CDs, played many roles in theater. Lately is not often, considering the proposals uninteresting, but lead an active social life. To imagine the actor without the wide-brimmed hats and scarf of the team "Zenit" is simply impossible. Married to actress Larisa Luppian, and their children, Sergei and Elizabeth — famous actors, there are three grandchildren.

How did the fate of the 17 main handsome Soviet cinema

© Chelovek-amfibiya / thumbnail © eastnews

Deafening fame came to the actor at the age of 21, when he played a major role in the film "amphibian Man". Soft facial features and blue eyes instantly fell in love with millions of women and made the artist a real sex symbol. He played dozens of roles in the theater and cinema, was invited to the troupe of the Moscow drama theater. Stanislavsky, where he plays to this day, but as a leading actor. Until 2015, he headed the theatre faculty of IGUMO, which was subsequently disbanded. Since 1961, married to actress Alla Konstantinova, has a daughter actress Irina Koreneva, grandson of Yegor. In 2017, the great-grandson was born.

How did the fate of the 17 main handsome Soviet cinema

© eastnews © eastnews

Started out on stage in the evacuation during the war, when his mother organized theatrical performances. Graduated from the Moscow art theatre, he served in the Central theatre of the Soviet army, was an actor and Director of the Studio "Lenfilm". Since 1975, appeared as a teacher at VGIK, he headed the Department. He wrote several books, was the head of the Russian Academy of cinema arts "Nika", engaged in extensive social work, has received many awards and titles. Known for his roles in the films "Big family" (received an award at the Cannes festival), "Moscow does not believe in tears" (received "Oscar"), "Nine days of one year", "the cranes are Flying", "captivating Star of happiness", etc. in addition, was engaged in dubbing, read the narration.

How did the fate of the 17 main handsome Soviet cinema

© Gadfly / Lenfilm © eastnews

The actor has loudly declared itself in his youth, playing leading roles in the movie "the gadfly" (1955) and "the Forty first" (1956), and became very popular. Another success was the role of Afanasy Nikitin in the joint Soviet-Indian film "a Journey beyond three seas" (1958) and then in the film "the captain's daughter", "White nights", "Optimistic tragedy", "the Third youth", "no Jurisdiction". Thanks to the bright appearance in the actor got the title of one of the most beautiful and romantic actors. Played at the Moscow art Theater, then the Theatre-Studio of film actor, has many awards and honors, including the National Academy of motion picture arts and Sciences of Russia. Was married three times, with third wife, actress Lionello Strizhenovoj, married since 1976. There are two children, two granddaughters and one great-grandchild.

How did the fate of the 17 main handsome Soviet cinema

© Ordinary miracle / Mosfilm © eastnews

Abdulov was a wide range actor, played in film and theater. s debut in the movie took place in the film " about Vitya, about Masha and the marine corps," and fame came after the film "Ordinary miracle." In total, the actor played in more than a hundred films, including "the same Munchausen"," the most charming and attractive"," Carnival"," Sorcerers", " do not part with your loved ones!", "Formula of love", "Genius" etc. Many of the movie stunts he performed himself, even received an award as a stuntman. He tried himself in the role of Director, removing the musical " Bremen town musicians

How did the fate of the 17 main handsome Soviet cinema

© Scarlet sails / Mosfilm © eastnews

Lanovoy came to the cinema from starring in the movie "matriculation". Then followed the "Pavel Korchagin," "Scarlet sails", "War and peace", "Officers", "17 moments of spring", "Days of Turbin", theatrical roles, each of which became an event. And it's hard to believe that when he was a child actor stuttered badly, after a German officer jokingly gave two bursts of automatic fire above his head. The artist prepared the sound, wrote several books, not bad, teaches at the Theatre Institute. Shchukin, head of the Department and still does. He has many awards and titles. He was married to actress Tatyana Samoilova and Tamara Tablaway. From the third wife Irina Kupchenko had two sons (the younger died of a heart attack), have a granddaughter.

How did the fate of the 17 main handsome Soviet cinema

© The diamond arm / Mosfilm © Man from Boulevard des Capucines / Mosfilm

Parents recorded birthday Andrew on March 8, saying that he is a gift to all women on the occasion. This truly talented and beautiful artist has been very popular and love. He played many roles in theater, brought more than 60 images on the screen, voiced cartoon characters, a lot of touring. On account of his work in the film "the diamond arm", "Beware of the car", "Three plus two", "Unbelievable adventures of Italians in Russia", "12 chairs", "Old men-robbers", "Straw hat", etc. the Artist became ill during a performance, he fainted and never regained consciousness, died at the age of 47 from a massive brain hemorrhage. He was married to Catherine Hail, she has a daughter, Maria Mironova, a well-known actress. Second wife Larisa Golubkina.

How did the fate of the 17 main handsome Soviet cinema

© Two comrades were serving / Mosfilm © eastnews

Jankowski was going to be a doctor, but thanks to a happy coincidence he was in drama school. On account of his work in the films "Shield and sword", "two comrades were Serving", "the very Munchausen", "Flights in dream and reality", "Nostalgia", "an Ordinary miracle", "Doctor Zhivago", "King", etc. Even in difficult 90s the actor has not been left without work at home, although some time was forced to go abroad. Died from pancreatic cancer. In 1962, while still a student, married actress Lyudmila Zorina, and they became the founders of an acting dynasty. Their son Philip is a famous actor and Director, grandson of Ivan the actor's granddaughter Elizabeth is a student in the high school theater. Brothers and nephews are also related to the acting profession.

How did the fate of the 17 main handsome Soviet cinema

© Stars on wings / Dovzhenko film Studio © eastnews

"And you, Stirlitz, I ask to stay!" is the famous phrase from the cult film "17 moments of spring", in which Tikhonov played one of his best roles, with which it is always associated. Except it was in the film "Young guard", "Live till Monday", "it happened in Penkovo", "TASS is authorized to declare", "War and peace", etc. Played many theater roles, dubbed movies, read the narration, from 1989 to 2009 was led by TPS "movie Actor". Has received numerous awards, titles and prizes. In the 90s the actor had hard, he refused many roles, considering them to be unacceptable and had not received previous fun from those that still agreed. For 13 years he was married to Nonna Mordyukova (son Vladimir died at age 40), his second wife was Tamara Ivanova, which has a daughter, Anna. There are two grandchildren. Died of heart disease and blood vessels.

How did the fate of the 17 main handsome Soviet cinema

© Drawing / Mosfilm © eastnews

Became famous in the age of 16, starring Vladimir Menshov in movie "the rally". Successfully graduated from the Schepkin drama school. Starred in such films as "the Green van", "Twentieth year," "Secrets of Queen Anna", "midshipmen, forward!" — the last work I turned it into a real idol, which went crazy women. In the early 90's starred in the latest films by Leonid Gaidai and first appeared on the stage. Dmitry and now a successful artist, is involved in television as a lead actor is singing and giving concerts, voiced cartoons. First wife — Marina Kharatyan, with which the artist met in high school, she is the daughter of Alexander. Second wife — actress Marina Maiko, which is the son of Ivan.

How did the fate of the 17 main handsome Soviet cinema

© 31 June / Mosfilm © eastnews

Debuted in the film "the lake" and then had roles in "Hot snow", "31 June" and "Rebel barricade". The output of the first Soviet action movie "pirates of the twentieth century", where the actor showed a modern type of defender, was like a bombshell and brought a flurry of spectator love. At the end of 1980, the magazine "Soviet screen" was recognized as best actor of the year. In the 90s he continued to act in films and even tried his hand as a Director, removing the film "son of the father". He was married to Vera Titova, which has a daughter, Olga. From a relationship with Tatiana Maslennikova daughter was born. Died from stroke and was buried next to his father, Nikolay Eremenko — the senior, also a famous actor.

How did the fate of the 17 main handsome Soviet cinema

© East News © Caucasian captive, or new adventures of Shurik / Mosfilm

Vladimir Etush is not just popular in the profession and like the audience, he is a veteran of the great Patriotic war, fought in the South and in the Caucasus, Ukraine, awarded the order the red Star. After the war he graduated from the Shchukin school and was accepted into the Theater. Vakhtangov. In 1958 he became head of his first year and for many years trained a lot of famous actors. In 1987 became rector of the Shchukin school. As a theatre actor began with Comedy, and the first kinorabotoy was the film "Admiral Ushakov". But the national adoration of the actor brought to the role in the film "Caucasian captive", "12 chairs", "Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation", "the adventures of Pinocchio". Currently he continues to perform in theater and dramas, has released two books of memoirs, he has state awards and titles. Was married to actress Ninel Myshkova, Yelena Izmailova. The third and longest marriage was to Nina kranovoj, who gave him a daughter Raisa. Currently married to Elena Etush.

How did the fate of the 17 main handsome Soviet cinema

© Pokrovsky gate / Mosfilm © Attraction / Art pictures Group of companies»

She debuted in cinema in 20 years in small roles, but he was able to attract the attention of the viewer. This success came last year Schepkin school, when Mikhail Kozakov invited him for the lead role in his film "the Pokrovskie gate". This was followed by work in "Captain Fracasse", "Volodya the big, Volodya," "My favorite clown", "Moonzund". In 80-90 plays a lot of theater, including abroad, starred in Nikita Mikhalkov and Sergei Bodrov, for her role in "the Barber of Siberia" awarded the State prize in literature and art. The actor with success and he put on plays, organizing theatre Association, since 2012 is the head of the Theater. Yermolova, plays three musical instruments. Married to actress Anastasia Chernova, no children.

How did the fate of the 17 main handsome Soviet cinema

© Prisoner of the Caucasus / Mosfilm © Old songs about the main thing-3 / ORT

Our Shura. My favorite and main role of Alexander Demyanenko know not only born in the Soviet Union, but today's children. Furious glory Demyanenko brought Comedy film by Leonid Gaidai "Operation "y"", "Caucasian captive", "Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation", although he has several dozen roles. He always dreamed of a dramatic role and has become hostage to the role of Shura. At some point, the actor stopped to offer interesting roles and he had to focus on theatre and television, he played the solo performances, was engaged in dubbing in the 90s, starred in the first sitcom "Strawberry". Died from pulmonary edema caused by coronary heart disease, 10 days before the scheduled surgery. 16 years was married to Marina, the second, and then married Lyudmila Demyanenko and took her daughter from his first marriage Angelica a Nevolin. Family, children Yes, Yes.

Who else would you add to this list of talented artists?

Photo on preview hussar ballad / Mosfilm, eastnews

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