How to lower the stress from failures

Posted by acapulcosilver 3/29/2018 05:25pm
How To Lower The Stress From Failures stress

It agrees to new to research, maintaining the diary about failures can help to learn to react less painfully to them in the future.

The American researchers from the Ratgersky university, the Pennsylvanian university and Duke University report that the critical description of last failures leads to decrease in level of hormone of a stress of cortisol. In an experiment two teams of volunteers made entry or about themselves and the experiences, or about abstract things.

As has shown the analysis of saliva of volunteers, before an experiment all participants had a cortisol approximately at one level, however after performance of a task indicators have changed. Those who wrote about the experiences and last failures had lower level of hormone of a stress. Scientists note that reflections about last failures not only improve reaction of an organism to a stress, but also allow to behave more providently in a similar situation in the future.

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