I Wanted To Send The Child To The Mother-In-Law To All Summer, But Her Answer Has Set Me Straight!

Published by elijahosborne @ July 14th at 1:35pm

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I Wanted To Send The Child To The Mother-In-Law To All Summer, But Her Answer Has Set Me Straight!

A little who has good relations with mothers-in-law. About mothers of wives, to be exact, about their mean characters the most ridiculous baizes, jokes and hokhma, and with an ulterior motive go. Actually women very often excessively are concerned about the children, without allowing them to lead independent life.

For example, I was always afraid to marry because of future mother-in-law. Still some too careful will get, I thought, and then won't give life. Will be for days on end on a visit with the councils and remarks. Horror!

But here the other day one longtime friend has told about the mother-in-law, and I have a little relaxed. There are on light after all adequate relatives to worthy living positions and wise outlook on life.

Here what he has told me:


I wanted to send the child to the mother-in-law to all summer, but her answer has set me straight!


"When I married, I cautiously looked at the future mother-in-law. I have had heard plenty of stories and complaints from the friends to mean mothers-in-law too much in due time, and thought what so happens to all. Especially as mother of my wife at the time of the wedding was lonely and I waited that she with boredom will interfere with our family.

But time went, the mother-in-law especially on the horizon didn't flash. She, of course, called every day the daughter – I regularly heard how the wife chirps with her by phone, but business also was limited to it.

Then the child was born and I thought that, probably, now she will spend the day and night in our apartment to teach some good sense. But the mother-in-law and here has disappointed me – she has bought a carriage, has dragged the whole suitcase of diapers baby's undershirts and again was quietly gone.

She, of course, helped to sit with the child when the wife needed to leave urgently in policlinic or to tooth. But on it business was also limited.

But once I had had a smart plan. The summer came nearer and I have suggested the wife to go somewhere to the sea to have a rest. And the child for this time to leave her to mother – all the same she one, let will be glad to the grandson.

The wife has grinned and has suggested me to talk about it to her mother.

I come to the mother-in-law, even not just like that, and with candies. She smiles, meets, makes tea. I tell her that not bad to the grandson to spend summer with the grandmother until parents a little have a rest and gain strength at the sea. She listens to me and answers …

– I, of course, could take away to myself for summer of the grandson, to me it isn't heavy. But here tell me, my dear son-in-law when YOU still have an opportunity to bring to the sea of the three-year-old son? Only this year.

Because, in a year – it will be the four-year-old boy, that is slightly already another. And you will forever lose the whole summer of communication with the son, having alloyed it to the grandmother. Really you will so easily give me such jewelry?


I wanted to send the child to the mother-in-law to all summer, but her answer has set me straight!


And in years fifteen of your own son already himself won't want to go with you to the sea because there will be an adult and he will have friends. He will quickly grow up, and you won't even have memoirs as you have for the first time got, holding by a hand, the enthusiastic kid in surf waves.

As has for the first time put to him on a palm a shell and I have for the first time built together with him the sand castle. It first of all your right! And the right of your son to remember that for the first time the sea was shown him by the father, but not some other person. Don't deprive of him it!

– Believe my experience, – she has continued, – our children with us for very short period of our life. And every moment, carried out with them – it is unique.

And you know, I have strong thought. I have remembered how I constantly for all summer was sent to the grandmother to the village. I have remembered as at my father time wasn't eternal on me – everything was taken away by work. And then he was knocked down by a heart attack and, it has appeared, I have nothing to remember him.

Therefore that year we have gone to the sea together. And in a year too.

And I love the mother-in-law and I respect because it is really wise woman".

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