I Went By The Trolleybus, Near Me The Girl Has Sat Down …

Published by acapulcosilver @ July 5th at 2:07pm

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I Went By The Trolleybus, Near Me The Girl Has Sat Down …

I went by the trolleybus yesterday, I touched nobody. And here in salon the crowd of school students of years 9 has become hollow, near me the girl, silent, clamped some has sat down. Around us the group of boys led by the dense, powerful rather impudent boy has immediately seated.

And this "pack" has begun to poison the little girl: "Cross-eyed! Slanting!" The girl has contracted all in a lump as a leveret. Wearing spectacles, one glass is stuck, really mows slightly …

Pancake what to do?! The teacher diligently pretends that she sees nothing and doesn't notice, other adults too … To read to it … if one may say so to "kid" a notation - like, as you it isn't a shame?

So on a pestilence., I'm sorry, to the person, it is visible that it is never a shame. He trudges, humiliating the one who is weaker, and his yes-men as shakalyat howl. We are happy excessively!

Farther I as instinctively acted. I have bent slightly and accurately, in half of voices I speak to the ringleader: "And you are thick! Fat man and lard-arse! Pleasantly to you?".

The crowd has calmed down, having been stunned by such trick of the adult aunt.

The boy has hanged for a minute, then again the prt: "I am not thick, and she is slanting. She has a slanting eye!".

I to him in reply: "Yes well and that, she, is treated. An eye to her will be cured and everything will be good. And you are a fat slob, the fat slob and will remain! Thick!".

Yes-men have resolved with velocity of light. "Patient" sits stunned, bleats, uncertainly so: "I not that-olsty!".

I to him: "And I tell thick! What, not pleasantly?".

The boy very quietly has so got up, and has changed on the most distant from me an empty seat, looks askance cautiously, his crowd pretends that it in general isn't familiar with him.

Two huge bright blue oceans of delight and adoration turn to the little girl, and there ….

I speak to her: "Has understood as it is necessary to answer? Has remembered?".

Nods. The rest of a trip has passed quietly, going out of the trolleybus I to the boy (it from me didn't lower eyes, I was afraid) so the sign have made a finger, as in westerns, a pier you on a sight.

He has even become green. I have come home. I know that I have done right thing, neither admonitions, nor arrangements, nor appeals to compassion or conscience will work on the young villain … He has no such body. And impunity generates permissiveness.

So though some fear will constrain, but … Pancake, it isn't accustomed to be rude, press and offend neighbors even if they so deserve it that is elicited even.

Now the conscience torments, can eat other ways? YOUR OPTIONS?

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