Identified record for puberty in vertebrates

Posted by acapulcosilver 10/4/2018 05:30pm
Identified Record For Puberty In Vertebrates

Biologists from the Czech Academy of Sciences found that African fish netbranch of Furzer (Nothobranchius furzeri) is the record holder in speed of sexual maturation of any vertebrate. Fish life is short-only about 3-4 months — and puberty comes at the age of two weeks.

Scientists have suggested that under certain conditions, some populations can achieve very rapid growth and puberty. However, for netbranch of Fourzero is not the exception but the norm. Fish-Champions are common in Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

The survival of the species depends on how quickly embryos develop and acquire the ability to lay eggs. The fact that the fish live in seasonal waters. When the waters dry up, all the fish die, and the eggs are stored at the bottom until the next prosperous season.

Scientists have found that in two weeks individuals grow from 5 millimeters to 5.4 centimeters in length and reach puberty. The short lifespan of the species made it a model for the study of aging.

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