If you think there is no life after 70, just look at these people

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If You Think There Is No Life After 70, Just Look At These People

Thoughts about old age do not cause enthusiasm in anyone. The time when the body and brain begin to fail us, seems to us to be a complete disaster. What can be done to extend the period of active and busy life? We learn from the characters who in adulthood raised their bar and showed the world what they are capable of.

We tell about 8 centenarians who proved that age is not a reason to give up a full life.

Superstar Turkish pop scene Aisha aja Pekkan looks much younger than his years, so it is often called a woman who stopped time. During her musical career, which has been going on for more than 50 years, she has recorded more than 20 albums, performing songs in 9 different languages. In everyday life, the singer speaks fluent English and French.

In his 70 with little Ajay Pekkan leads an active lifestyle, engaged in sports and regularly runs detox programs under the supervision of Swiss specialists. She is not in a hurry to leave the stage and is optimistic about the future.

Robert Marchand three times became the world champion in Cycling in the age categories 100 and 105 . In his youth, he gave up his career as a cyclist because of his small stature, but at the age of 67 he decided to resume regular training. s retirement allowed him to realize his dream and make long — distance trips: Paris — Bordeaux, Paris — Roubaix, Paris-Moscow. According to the doctor who oversees the health of the cyclist, Marchand heart muscle 60-year-old man.

Robert Marchand says he's never been on a special diet. He eats a little bit of everything and on occasion maybe a drink. In the morning for an hour doing stretching, and then sits on a bike or exercise bike — depending on the weather. For sustain forces with a always takes water with honey.

At 85, buddy Winkle became an Internet sensation, captivating thousands of people with vivid images and natural artistry. With the help of her granddaughter, she started Twitter and instagram, where she posts photos in eccentric and sometimes provocative outfits. Have a buddy Winkle millions of subscribers in social networks. Basically, these are young people, to whom the brave grandmother-blogger was close in spirit.

Buddy Winkle says she's never been shy and always loved jokes and dancing. In her life there were hard times associated with the departure of loved ones, but she decided not to give up: "I'm tired of mourning and created a new self. I just hope I can last longer, because I have good genes. And I look great in jeans."


If you think there is no life after 70, just look at these people


© 日本喜美子 / facebook

Kimiko Nishimoto first picked up the camera at the age of 72, and the occupation of photography swallowed her head. She converted the 2nd floor of her house into a workshop and started experimenting with different techniques and a camera. Kimiko Nishimoto takes landscapes, still lifes, macro photography, but the popularity of her brought ironic self-portraits.


If you think there is no life after 70, just look at these people


© 日本喜美子 / facebook © 日本喜美子 / facebook

Self-taught grandmother became a successful photographer. Her solo exhibition in Tokyo for a few days was visited by more than 16 thousand people. Kimiko Nishimoto regularly gives master classes throughout the country, and there are usually more people who want to attend her lectures than there are places in the group.


If you think there is no life after 70, just look at these people


© The Japan Times / twitter

Masashi Toyoda is the oldest person to climb mount Fuji in 2017. During the campaign he was 93 years old. After he left the post of President of a construction company at the age of 74, king became a real passion for Masashi. He regularly makes ascents of varying difficulty in the company of like-minded people and has already reached the top of Fuji 20 times.

In 80 years Masashi Toyoda suffered a stroke, but did not give up king. This year, after the opening of the new season, he plans to once again climb the highest mountain in Japan.

Tao Porchon-Lynch is the oldest yoga instructor, in August of this year she turns 100 years old. In her youth, she was a model of French fashion houses, and in 87 engaged in ballroom dancing and became a star of dance competitions. The secret of longevity of this energetic woman is in continuous movement: she travels with her seminars around the world and practices yoga and meditation for 3-4 hours a day.

Tao teaches that you should not have for food and put too much food on the plate. She prefers fruits and vegetables in her diet and from a young age does not eat meat.

Fauja Singh is the world record holder in the marathon in the age groups 90 and 100 and the fastest age runner in the short distance. Most of his life, Fauja Singh was engaged in agriculture in India, and only in 80 years, moving to his son in London, became interested in running and began to participate in marathons.

Today, 15 km on foot or running is the daily norm for Singh. He adheres to a vegetarian diet, does not eat fried food, does not drink alcohol and does not smoke. He does not allow negative thoughts to linger in his head and tries to smile more often.


If you think there is no life after 70, just look at these people


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Usually modeling career ends at 30, but Carmen Dell That managed to do the impossible. At 56, she returned to the fashion business and became even more popular than in her best years. Thanks to internal discipline and ability to listen to the body, the supermodel for many years keeps an excellent form. Every morning she performs a set of breathing exercises that help to Wake up and put your mind in order.


If you think there is no life after 70, just look at these people


© Carmen Dell'orefice / facebook © Carmen Dell'orefice / facebook

Carmen Dell That pays great attention to the condition of the skin. She believes, that humidification should be not only outside, but and from within, so daily sipping on an empty stomach water with lemon juice. Genes allow the model to maintain harmony without dieting, so sometimes she does not mind to treat yourself to your favorite ice cream.

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