In all the games of the paraguayan football club you can see the dog. and there is a touching reason

Posted by king-ermac 10/26/2018 05:22pm
In All The Games Of The Paraguayan Football Club You Can See The Dog. And There Is A Touching Reason

The Paraguayan football team "may 2" became famous all over the world thanks to an unusual assistant, who was found by coach Carlos Hara Sagier. They became a wonderful dog. She takes part in all the activities of the players and became a true friend for the coach of the team. This intelligent animal loved everything — from the managers of the team and the players to the fans. And indeed, it is something to love.

Editors not was able to remain in side from this history staunch friendship between dog and man. We offer you to feel its touching and kindness.

The Paraguayan football team "may 2" until some time was unknown. Learned about it thanks to a dog named Techpara, which became the mascot of the club. Moreover, the local and world media even called her assistant coach. 62-year-old coach Carlos Hara Sagier is best known to the world community at the 2004 Olympics, when the team of Paraguay under his leadership won the silver medal.

It all started with the fact that on the way to work the coach decided to share a piece of empanada (fried pie) with a homeless mongrel. Since then, she has accompanied her new friend to the stadium every day. And then it started up on the football field, where the dog immediately became his both among players and among fans.

Carlos Hara Sagar jokes that Techpara — a real threat to rivals "2 may". After all, when the wards of this coach converge on the football field with other teams, the dog watches the game carefully and even sometimes barks at opponents.

Techpara accompanies his new master everywhere: in training, at the games, interviews, meets and escorts him home. The dog lives in the trainer's office, where she is very comfortable and warm.

It should be noted that during the time of the matches of Techpara is in the area of the bench. Although the regulations prohibited the entry of animals into the stadium, this mascot make an exception. During a particularly tense moments the dog approaches the limits of the technical area, but never enters the main part of the field.

Unusually not only behavior, but also eyes of the new member of team "on may 2". In the sun, they acquire a bright blue hue and seem unreal — that's Carlos Jara Saguier for a while I even thought that the dog is blind. However, the evening eyes Telapary be an order of magnitude darker. Actually, her name from the Guarani language translates to "the darkening night". Failed to establish that the cute one a little more than 10 years.

The coach is most amused by the dog's attempts to parody the movements of the players on the field. Maybe Techpara just believe in what can become a player of the club "may 2"?

Have you tamed homeless animals? Can be, they live you have until now? Share in the comments photos of your Pets, which some time ago had nowhere to live.

Photo on preview abcdeportespy / Instagram, SP. 2 DE MAYO / Twitter

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