In antarctica have found the pyramids created by the person

Posted by king-ermac 4/6/2018 09:10pm
In Antarctica Have Found The Pyramids Created By The Person

Photo from open sources

Antarctica as scientists are sure, hides in itself enormous quantity of the most various riddles, and some of them, at the same time, actually blow the mind. To take at least found in the territory of eternally frozen continent of a pyramid which as experts are sure, have been created by people.


As when and why — the questions which are left without answers however the fact is the fact — the Antarctic pyramids found scientists not so long ago really have the man-made nature, that is can't be considered as strange generations of the nature.


"We don't understand at all how it can be, but in the territory of Antarctica actually there are pyramids. They are very similar to those which attract tourists to the Egyptian Giza. From where in Antarctica the pyramids created by human hands? Good, actually, question! The answer on which, however, pretty obvious — in Antarctica, apparently, there was an ancient civilization" — experts say.


To confirm the version about a human civilization which allegedly existed once in Antarctica meanwhile there is nothing — except those pyramids which by hearsay can be seen even in pictures of Google Earth, any proofs isn't present. However scientists are going to seize this evidence, having gone to a special research expedition.

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