In georgia, the landfill threw chicken eggs. now there are hundreds of chickens running around

Posted by elijahosborne 10/4/2018 10:30am
In Georgia, The Landfill Threw Chicken Eggs. Now There Are Hundreds Of Chickens Running Around

In the Georgian city of Marneuli, a local poultry farm threw hundreds of eggs into a garbage dump. After some time, astonished locals saw the trash run are the real chickens. The video began to spread on Facebook.

Flocks of chickens reached the city center, where they began to disassemble the residents. Mayor Marneuli Timur Abazov commented on this unusual case: “As far as I know, the poultry farm considered that the eggs were spoiled, and threw them to the landfill, and there were such conditions as if they were hatched chicken, therefore, hatched a lot of chickens. Many locals took the chickens home."

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