In the center of australia became smaller sharks

Posted by king-ermac 12/25/2018 04:54pm
In The Center Of Australia Became Smaller Sharks

Specialists from the University of Queensland (Australia) it was found that the number of coastal sharks on the North-East coast of Australia over the past half century has declined sharply. Five billion five hundred thirty four million six hundred sixteen thousand six hundred sixty three

Scientists note that populations of sharks were considerably reduced worldwide for the last decades, and many types were included in the list vulnerable and being under the threat of disappearance.Analyzing these Programs for control of sharks near Queensland which works since 1962, the research group recreated historical data on catches of sharks to study changes in quantity and the sizes of sea predators over the past half-century.It is noted that the number of sharks to the middle of the 20th century is definitely not known in spite of the fact that the seas around Australia always threatened with meetings with sharks.

Over the past half-century sharks hammers, tiger and white sharks began to meet at the coastline of Queensland 74-92% more rare.And the probability of "zero catch" (that is, when no shark swam in the network during the year) increased seven times.The average size of the meeting tiger sharks and sharks hammers also decreased.According to scientists, the decline in the number of sharks can seriously affect the state of the ecosystem as a whole.

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