In the field of culture: achievements having raffi galstyan and military service, deferral will be granted

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In The Field Of Culture: Achievements Having Raffi Galstyan And Military Service, Deferral Will Be Granted

In the field of culture of significant achievements having Raffi Galstyan government decree of the rank and file of compulsory military service in 2018, winter deferral will be granted.

as "Armenpress" reports, the draft resolution was adopted at the Government meeting.{
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On justification Raffi Galstyan 2010-2018 he studied at the Yerevan dancing art state College "in the choreography of the profession in the section" received "actor of the ballet" qualification.

2018 June 22 was adopted in the Opera house as a ballet artist of Armenia. Raffi Galstyan views, consistently leading industry role.

2018, Boris Eifman ballet theatre, was invited to St. Petersburg, was a week-long probationary period and was offered a job. In 2018 with the assistance of the Ministry of culture participated in the Estonian capital Tallinn at the conference "Tallinn international Ballet Competition" in the international competition, taking third place and received an invitation to participate in the "YAGP - 2018 new York" international competition of therapy. With 2014 included in the Ministry of culture of gifted children in the information database in Armenia.

it is Expected that legal act, the adoption will Raffi Galstyan to improve professional skills and Paral Armenian performing art in the international arena}.

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