Interesting about advertising on the internet

Posted by king-ermac 10/12/2018 07:46pm
Interesting About Advertising On The Internet

Today we want to introduce you to the advantages of online advertising products. The effectiveness of this method is so obvious that you yourself can easily see after reading the facts! And if after reading our article, decide to advertise on the Internet, we will advise You the Studio "Bandizayn", engaged in the development of Internet advertising, promotional videos at the highest level, more can be found at the link above. 1. Internet advertising was 10 years old-back in 1994 the world saw the very first banner. Now this format is no surprise. This is a kind of mainstream. 2. Advertising of products with the help of print media is a thing of the past. All the largest and most popular companies are gradually moving to a more effective method-the supply of information using the resources of the Internet. 3. Contextual advertising with the use of key queries gives the opportunity to reach the most relevant audience. So effective targeting, alas, can not boast of any other sources of information. 4. It is proved that every 5th visitor of the world wide web in the background listens to the radio. According to information from www. iab. net, about 57% of users opened a network search engine for products of interest, as soon as he heard some part of it on the radio. From this it follows that without proper support in the network, advertising via radio is not particularly effective. An identical opinion emerges and when submitting information through TV - without support on the world wide web, such advertising will not give the desired result. 5. The information posted on the network for the majority of users is in priority (if you compare this option of advertising, with other variations). However, this is not surprising, because here you can find comprehensive information about a particular product or a particular company. Thus, the capital of Russia and Peter use the Internet much more often than any other options to convey to people the necessary information (data VTSIOM). 6. The number of people using the Internet is growing by about 20-30% annually. At the moment, the Runet audience is 16% of all residents of the state who are older than 18 years, specifically in the capital, this figure has reached about 40%. 7. In today's world, most advanced users prefer to use a high-speed line instead of the usual. After all, thanks to it, you can freely view the content of interest. The Russian Federation takes the leading position on growth rates of number of broadband lines. 8. People who use high-speed Internet, spend exactly 2 times more time to view information online. It is noticed that such users are viewed exactly 3 times more pages than those who have a regular Internet. 9. In fact, 50% of Internet users regularly browse online stores, and every 5th constantly gets something. In European countries, this figure is neither more nor less-75%. 10.. Quite a large % of people prefer to use a variety of programs on the network to block ads. In Europe, there are about 73 such people%. But contextual advertising on search engines to block is not possible, respectively, this type of supply of information advertising is most effective. 11.. Innovative technologies of behavioral targeting can easily lead to the emergence of the most cost-effective and interesting advertising content, and this in turn will give a number of exclusive opportunities for branding. 12.. Thanks to the effective capabilities that we provide geotargeting technology, it is easy to identify the actual location of the visitor to the world wide web, and thus increase the profitability of advertising content. 13.. With the investment of a certain part of the Finance in the supply of advertising content with the help of the world wide web, the profitability of the "multi-channel" advertising campaign is rapidly increasing. Thus, according to the research data of the Association IAB-the optimal share of spending on the supply of advertising information through the world wide web is about 10-15%.

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