Interesting facts about "vkontakte"

Posted by elijahosborne 12/27/2018 06:07pm
Interesting Facts About "vkontakte"

The social network "VKontakte" was started in October, 2006 and began to develop steps for which even definition "seven-mile" looks underestimation.Without any third-party advertising, the new network began to acquire new users in millions.Despite some shortcomings, VKontakte quickly became the most visited resource of the Russian segment of the Internet and one of the most visited in the world.VKontakte is popular today, including, thanks to timely adaptation to mobile devices and thanks to customized applications, for example, to it as VK Coffee.The following facts may help to learn something new about the history and current state of "Vkontakte».

1.Now it is difficult to believe in it, but at the beginning of existence of VKontakte for registration it was required not only to enter the real name and a surname, but also to show from already existing user.However, there is no guarantee that in 10 years to the legends about how the Internet could be accessed without a passport or other identity document, will not be treated as senile nonsense.

2.In 2007 Russian-speaking users of network delivered to VKontakte on the second place in popularity.The most popular site of the Runet was then " Bashorg».

3.The scope with which VKontakte was promoted generated the mass of rumors and the assumptions of sources of financing of this take-off.Promoted their distribution the administration keeping silence, and lack of advertizing.Many in general were sure that VKontakte is the project of the Russian intelligence agencies.So it or not, it is impossible to learn, probably, and here criminals and offenders by means of this social network are caught in tens if not in hundreds.Successfully VKontakte employees of military registration and enlistment offices and collectors use.

4."VKontakte" for the first time bypassed the popularity of "Classmates" at the end of 2008.And after six months, the creation of Pavel Durov ahead of competitors in attendance almost twice.

5.Started talking about negative impact of social networks on children and teenagers how VKontakte became a mass resource.

6.Domain of was bought only in 2009.Coincidence it or not, but 2009 was marked by the first sendings to places of confinement of distributors of a child pornography and swindlers.If it was succeeded to cope with a child pornography, then fraud of landing was not stopped.Presentation of 3 portfolios of shares! Which can bring you up to 14.76% in a month of passive income.Get on e-mail!Which can bring you up to 14.76% per month of passive income. ! .EN Conservative Balanced Progressive Analytics support Go Yandex.Direkt18

7.In the first years of its existence, Vkontakte was often subjected to massive — and successful-DDOS attacks.Again, we can talk about a coincidence, but the attacks stopped after the shareholders were disclosed, and it turned out that the main shareholder of the network is Mail. .After that, on the contrary, accounts "Vkontakte" began to be used for attacks on third-party sites.

8.In 2013 Roskomnadzor entered VKontakte in the register of the forbidden websites.The price of removing the resource from the ill-fated list were terabytes of deleted music and video.Moans of users who turned the social network in the likeness of a cloud service, flooded Runet.

9.The victim of the struggle for copyright was Sergey Lazarev.When in 2012, representatives of the singer demanded to remove video and audio recordings of Lazarev's songs, one of the users replaced the standard message of the network to the phrase that Lazarev's songs were deleted as representing no cultural value.

10.In the United States, "Vkontakte" is in the forefront of the list of pirate resources.It does not surprise, knowing reverent attitude of local Themis to copyright.

11.At the end of 2013, according to Durov, representatives of the FSB demanded him to transfer the personal data of the administrators of the groups that supported the Ukrainian Maidan.Paul refused to do it.Fearing persecution, he sold his shares of the social network, resigned as General Director of "Vkontakte" and emigrated abroad.

12.At the time of writing this material (August 2018) "Vkontakte" registered 499 810 600 users.You can find out the constantly changing figure by following the link vk. com/catalog. php.At the same time there is no VKontakte the user accounts with numbers 13 and 666.Accounts with numbers 1488 or 13666 are.

13.In 12 hours as a friend VKontakte can add no more than 50 people.Restriction is connected with fight about the boat accounts.However, if you respond to friend requests, there is no threshold, and in theory you can reach the ceiling of 10,000 friends in a 24-hour period.

14.Even if you went offline, your account VKontakte will keep the status "Online" 15 more minutes.

15."VKontakte" originally encourages misanthropy: users with less than 5 friends, when you log in to the network immediately opens its own page, and the rest-news feed.

16.It is possible to add 32,767 photos to an album "Photos from a Wall".It is possible to post no more than 5,000 videos or 32,767 audio recordings on the page.

17.The daily audience of VKontakte in the summer of 2018 exceeded 45 million people.At the same time only in the search engine "Yandex" to the request "Vkontakte" are about 24 million people a month.

18.The average user "Vkontakte", coming to the site from a desktop computer, spends on the resource 34 minutes a day.Users from mobile devices-24 minutes.

19.Formally, "Vkontakte" champion Runet attendance.But if to summarize attendance of services of "Yandex", then the social network will concede superiority.Though attendance of VKontakte can be put with attendance of Mail, and then to remember that Mail.Ru Group possesses also "Schoolmates" …

20.In 2015, in honor of the day of the national flag of Ukraine, the usual logo "Vkontakte" was replaced by a yellow-blue (the color of the Ukrainian flag) heart.Good returned a hundredfold-less than two years later a number of Russian resources, including "Vkontakte", were banned by a special decree of the President of Ukraine.At the same time VKontakte continues to be among surely leaders of the Ukrainian Internet in attendance, conceding only to Google.

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