Italy: in romano-di-lombardy newcomers have landed?

Posted by king-ermac 8/1/2018 01:05pm
Italy: In Romano-Di-Lombardy Newcomers Have Landed?

Last week the Italian farmer has been shocked, having noticed that in the wheat field close to his house on the suburb of the city Romano-di-Lombardy, the set of "circles on fields" has appeared.

But what is strange, the educations scattered on all field with wheat pressed to the earth were very unusual as didn't form any fancy figures.

The owner of the wheat field by the name of Giovanny Spinoza has told the Italian news agency that at night he hasn't noticed anything unusual. And only in the morning he and his wife have understood that something not so.

"In the evening on Friday I, as always, have watered the kitchen garden, and everything was silent, - the farmer has reported. – Then we with my wife watched the movie. And on Saturday morning we have looked in a window and have seen that some drawings have in the field appeared".

Curious incident has at once forced Spinoza to remember a number of similar educations which were observed a few years ago by residents of the neighboring city of Cassano-Magnago. As for the reason which has caused damage to his field, the farmer hasn't decided to build guesses of rather alien invasion, but has told: "I don't know who has made it, but I don't think that it was wind".

At first the media which have reported about an incident have ignored his communication with the paranormal phenomena, however Giovanni has told one more intriguing detail. According to him when he investigated the rumpled wheat, I have noticed that "stalks aren't broken, and are bent".

As enthusiasts of circles on fields consider bends of crops distinctive feature of close contacts of the third degree, apparently, Spinoza's sex will finally trample now.

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