"my mother was against me becoming an actress." jeanne influence in "eleni diary:" his image and teammates relationship with o

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"my Mother Was Against Me Becoming An Actress." Jeanne Influence In "eleni Diary:" His Image And Teammates Relationship With O

In order to study, moved from village to town girl who is too active, versatile, periodically trials appears, also a little naive. young actress Jeanne Influence in the first television role is as follows:" Eleni blog " crystal glorified herself, Anna image too short period of time managed to fall in love:

in an interview with Tert.am Life in conversation with Joan spoke of their appearance in the series, its image in the community and to enjoy relationship with him.

Actress and desire to be Joan from an early age was when watching Russian translation of Brazilian soap operas and presents itself on the other side of the screen, but the Theatrical Institute, after the first steps made and continues theatre: Jeanne plays at the National theatre, "Goy" theater as a guest star acting performance.

"When clearly decided that I want to become an actress, my mother was against, said-a more serious specialty choose, but now the attitude has changed, my every performance comes with flowers, happy to go on stage, I, too, every time with a laugh I remind you that I was against professional Intertrans:)" -said Zhanna:

The actress noticed that the TV in the first role of his responsibility was also certain fears were because to appeared in the already famous characters nearby and his stable audience having in the series?

"I later entered the arena at the age of 24, because I wanted to go through a certain school, after I was tried there.Participated in "Eleni diary" of hosting two different ways, but never thought will go, and later received the invitation of the Director of Mher Khachatryan specific role for.Quite a long time discussed and decided to try.As an actress, I was also interested to see what the theater is out of the screen, what is happening, " said Zhanna.

He noted that his heroine for Anna with versatility is perhaps alive to be, to some extent also naivety. "In the end, I played this image and something from me, put it in Ann many issues are not oriented, in some cases Mature solutions, that is, I do not put myself in the line, not mold cypress, depending on the situation, it manifests itself in different ways."

According to Jeanne, as in many cases, in his case, not the image and it is often identified. "Once the virus with INTA something we are looking I am very active I discuss what to take.A woman with a kind smile looked at me and said: - you really are in real life I am, I said - ha, it's probably some similarity there.In fact, a lot of positive feedback I get, but the negative in the case of the same should be adequate and from this, too, something kg for me».

The actress said that over time to integrate the series creative team and go environment and warm relationships.

"There was no conflict with them, to this day there is a creative atmosphere. We can say, with all the warm relations in the EU, he said and added that his main Balakovo to Headphones player Name with have time enough to get close and behind the scenes, So after the positive relations that in daily life too, he can "grease" is called:)»:

Unlike other characters of series, Zhanna at the heroine, according to the scenario, got a love line to have the teacher with: the Actress noticed that in the professional plan for it it does not cause difficulties:

"Of course not just a role, but when you already find keram, also to some extent in your case Cyprus line, it becomes easier: We each other right we leave for advice during the shooting, how best our game will look and so very interesting it turns out",-he concluded.

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