New guide: 10 gadgets for the holiday adventure, and not only

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New Guide: 10 Gadgets For The Holiday Adventure, And Not Only

The equipment will not guess your desires, will not choose for you the best direction for a travel, will not find the unfair owner of housing on Airbnb, will not receive for you the visa and does not guarantee though on a little cloudless holiday.But she can make any trip memorable and easy, build the perfect route, make the flight comfortable and carefully store photo memories, as well as take children on a long journey or create a romantic atmosphere.There are 10 devices on which it is possible to rely.

Objectively one of the most advanced smartphones of this year, Note 9 is some kind of combine or the Swiss knife.The screen almost like at the tablet? Please.The best camera of corporation (which promises that it "created it again")? Yes, it is here — with the luminosity indicator changing depending on the illumination of the subjects.Memory on half-terabyte? Yes.Battery optimized for two days on a single charge? And it is, otherwise what is the point in all other innovations? Finally, the main feature of the Note series-the signature stylus-is in place.

This year, the accessory added new features: for example, rewind slides in Power Point or sound control.But an opportunity to do a photo by means of the button on the stylus is far lovelier for the traveler: you fix the smartphone anywhere and "you click" a camera lock far off.The function opens an untold scope for new angles, would be a fantasy.Oh Yes, if the hotel or other location has a monitor or TV with standard ports for today, then with the help of an adapter cord the contents of the Note 9 screen can be easily displayed on a large display.Add an external keyboard with a mouse, and in front of you a full PC.

Real salvation of the nerve cells of the parent. Cubic projector weighing only 300 grams — one of the most original devices, for which I want to be happy even more when you know that this is a Russian development. Assembly takes place, of course, where it is more economically feasible, but created a "multi — Cube" designers, engineers and other creatives-our.

"Iron" is not the main component of the device.Its main value — in content.Do you want filmstrips "as in the childhood"? They are here! And even sounded.The car of animated films, shadow play, old and new animation, a lot of audiofairy tales will occupy the child, and the gadget variation for adults with a subscription of ivi online movie theater for 62 thousand movies will save tiresome flight or will help to spend ideal romantic evening.

On the one hand, 512 GB in the smartphone look impressively.But the smartphone — the working tool which can be lost or damaged.Therefore it is better to attend to a double backup of data.First, connect the sync and cloud storage (subscribe to it is worth some money).Secondly, regularly to throw the most valuable on an external hard drive.The HyperX SSD is not only one of the fastest in The field, but also very light— only 56 grams.

The intermediate link can be a high-speed memory card Kingston Canvas React up to 512 GB - if you save the data of the same smartphone on it, the regular copying of data becomes easy and simple: remove the card from the phone, inserted through the adapter into the USB-port and began to copy to HyperX Savage Exo or any other "hard».This tandem digest easily digest even heavy content like 4K video.


The method of work with data described above opens new approaches to the choice of the smartphone: if there is no wish to be spent for expensive model, but with the bad camera you are not ready to be reconciled, then it is quite possible to stop on an average segment. Here long ago "the atmosphere" when in process of natural reduction in cost of technologies those remove from top models to younger reigns.

Nova 3 — just from such. The smartphone is with all the heart filled with features with artificial intelligence, recognition of dischargeable objects (and automatic exposure of optimum photoparameters for 22 scenes), photomodules eventually — them four, two in front at a selfie camera (24 2 Megapixels) and two behind at the main here (24 16 Megapixels).


At last, design at this middling — hi P20 models from the senior series: the same "back" which is poured from blue to violet. It looks recognizablly and where is fresher, than the bothered black, white and gold exteriors.

The portable JBL equipment is very popular among young people at the expense of an optimum combination of the price and quality: if you see pack of "musical" teenagers on the horizon, with the probability of 90% they acquaint passersby with the audioaddictions by means of the speaker system of this brand.

The second generation of "keg" Extreme has received even more than a power and the updated design — if you travel by car, the portable column will replace to you all automobile audio system, and somewhere on the beach will become the center of party.At the same time, the design and materials are selected specifically with the expectation of active operation: there is nowhere to clog dust, sand and water (protection according to IPX7), and the fabric finish is easy to clean and protects the " iron».

The main difference of the second version of the device from the first: passive radiators in end faces took new shape which allows to transfer low frequencies better.There will be enough charge of the JBL Extreme 2 accumulator till 15 o'clock reproduction or work in the speakerphone mode.In addition, the device can share energy with your smartphone or even uncork you a bottle of cool-for the latter in the belt carefully built opener.

This hybrid device — the radar detector and the video recorder in one case, one of the best in the class. After the engine and the conditioner, perhaps, the main device in any car, including luxury (in such, by the way, it is necessary to put other model, otherwise the signal will not pass through atermalny windows).

Neoline of X-COP 9100s works in the old manner: fastens in salon on a windshield and warns you about one hundred thousands road cameras and radars of traffic police officers worldwide.It is important to remember that different countries have different legislation on such devices: most of them are allowed, which is quite logical if the goal of the state is not to replenish the Treasury with fines, and the speed of drivers within the norms on dangerous road sections.But in some countries (mostly Western Europe) the radar unit must either be removed or disabled.In the case of the 9100s, this can be done with one hand movement, and the device will continue to work as a GPS-informant.

Important feature of device: he distinguishes so-called Z-signatures, or signals from the "left" sensors of other cars (parking, blind zones and so on). But the loveliest is, of course, kind notifications of hybrid about models of cameras.


The best form factor of a portable computer, to which humanity has come up to date, is a combination of the advantages of a standard laptop and advanced skills of a tablet with a stylus.All the matter is that soft keyboards covers of tablets will not allow you fully and to work quickly at knees where there is no table — construction constantly will move down and collapse somewhere.The hard case of the classic laptop in this regard remains out of competition.And when the functionality of the tablet is necessary — just develop a cover with the Envy x360 HP display up to the end (yes, figure 360 in the name here not just like that).

Besides, the PC companion of the traveler is obliged to have many different ports, but not two-three of fashionable USB-C. Loss of the adapter will nullify all other advantages. There will last energy stock in the accumulator of HP Envy x360 with the screen with a diagonal of 13.3 inches (it is the optimum "road" size too) for 11 hours.

The wireless font capable to grant you multiarmed Shiva's possibilities, easily fastens on a neck and is ready to work in any, even the most inopportune moment. It is necessary to work with audio-or video this or to contact in a noisy situation? Easily — Jabra Evolve 75e has a system of active noise reduction (ANC) which will purposefully muffle excess sounds.


Need to communicate for work, but the kids (way two) need attention? No question-use one earpiece and talk like on the phone. In this case, you will hear everything around you, and your hands will be ready to catch the brats.

Evolve 75e-one of the Champions in its class for the duration of work: up to 14 hours non-stop, and charging from zero to one hundred percent occurs in two hours.

If New year leaves no chance for you somewhere to be chosen, squeeze out a maximum of a house situation. No, with cocoa you start the book and a plaid then — at first you are waited by the world of virtual reality. Its version from PlayStation — one of the few, gained recognition of wide audience: that-that, and the Japanese corporation is able to entertain.


Consider that a helmet and other VR accessories are additions and to play virtualities without think-tank — the PlayStation console — it will not turn out.Process is simple: you connect the VR headset, you direct to yourself to PlayStation Camera (it traces LEDs on a helmet and its position in space) — and welcome to the best of the worlds! For illusion answer the 5.7-inch screen in a helmet with the review 360 degrees, smooth visualization which is provided by 120 frames per second and also control devices.

It is possible to crumble three-dimensional enemies in the old manner, with the gamepad in hands, and it is possible with the special controller of aiming. Logical question: if plays one what is done by his friends and guests? The reply of Sony is simple: all action is duplicated on the TV screen therefore it will be boring for nobody. Especially — in the multiplayer mode.

Labo from Nintendo — one of the most creative for the last years five concepts returning a charm of hand-made articles of a school time and creation something new the hands. If you still heard nothing about it, urgently correct this omission.

Labo are cardboard plates from which it is necessary to break out detalk and to collect from them this or that object. Then parts of the Nintendo Switch video game console, a last year's hit are inserted into it: the display and pair of joysticks (Japanese call them dzhoykona) with gyroscopes and accelerometers.


A simple combination of paper and silicon technologies gives a stunning result: one set ("assorted") offers to collect a piano, a fishing rod for almost real fishing, a motorcycle steering wheel with gas and brake and a bunch of different cute little things.Another set, "Robot", makes you feel like Tony stark, who collected his costume from scrap.A few hours of body-and the output you will have a cardboard satchel with controllers for the feet and hands.You put on — and you turn on the TV screen into the robot-krushilu.The most recent set, Vehicle kit, allows you to collect the steering wheel of the car, the helm of the aircraft and the bathyscaphe and control any of the three transformers in the simulation games.The children's delight from Labo is provided to audience of any age.

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