Norway didn't recognize, slovakia has condemned … how will we live?!

Posted by elijahosborne 3/19/2018 11:42pm
Norway Didn't Recognize, Slovakia Has Condemned … How Will We Live?! Vladimir Putin Elections Russia Slovakia

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The Ukrainian media are occupied with the most fascinating business today - calculation of the countries which have performed with "resolute non-recognition of the Russian presidential elections held in the Crimea". Delight and triumph! "United anti-Russian front! Whether" Here somehow this "front" will only manage to shake rather solid and inspired Russia?!


"Norway doesn't recognize presidential elections of Russia in the Crimea. Norway will continue to support policy of non-recognition of the European Union. The Crimea is Ukraine" - reports the press center of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the account in Twitter. Well, it is clear - at descendants of severe Vikings interest in the Ukrainian affairs has sharply woken up. Perhaps dream to please in peacekeepers - together with Swedes? Or matter in usual hatred to Russia, how to the competitor in the gas market of Europe?


With Slovakia somehow unclear. In Ukraine with might and main rush with the statement of some "group of friendship". And what it in general for group such? Her вяк... statements is an official position of the state, or - children's squeal on a lawn before local parliament? So far it isn't clear, but sounds very terribly:


"Ukraine is our neighbor, and maintaining its sovereignty and territorial integrity is among the main national interests of the Slovak Republic. Slovakia keeps the position which is based on condemnation of annexation of the Crimea and destabilization of Donbass", - also Sevastopol is said in "The statement of group of friendship of National council of the Slovak Republic with Ukraine in connection with an election of the president of the Russian Federation in the occupied territory of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea".


It would be absolutely improbable if to a campaign for "condemnation", "not maintenance" and any to other anti-Russian the liveliest russophobs of Eastern Europe - Poles "not" right there weren't connected. The Polish Foreign Ministry has immediately burst in the statement in which it is said that elections can't be considered as lawful:


"The MFA reminds that Poland together with all transatlantic community expresses a resolute protest against actions of Russia concerning Ukraine. We support respect of territorial integrity of Ukraine and we consider the Crimea a part of the Ukrainian state. It means also that presidential elections on the peninsula held by the authorities of the Russian Federation can't be considered as lawful!"


Of course, it would be deeply wrong to say that find fault concerning elections in the Crimea exclusively European and world small fry poldnimat. Unfortunately, France which has stated that it "doesn't recognize results of Russian presidential elections in the occupied Crimea" and also "was the first country which has sharply commented on it that Paris is still committed to a complete recovery of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine in recognized borders"... The French foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian has told about it:


"Power change of borders contradicts international law, including the obligations taken by the Russian Federation … France doesn't recognize the organization of the Russian presidential elections in the Crimea"


Also Austria which is seemingly trying to build the normal relations with Russia was noted in the matter. Before the meeting of Foreign Ministers of the European Union the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Austria Karin Knayssl has said: "As for a debate in Ukraine about re-elections of the president Putin, I have noticed, accompanying last week the president Van der Bellen on a trip to Ukraine that this subject is discussed again and again. The federal president has specified, and it is also a position of the Austrian government that votes given in the regions annexed contrary to international law can't be considered as valid."


Hardly for Germans - those try also political "small fish", having joined general obstruction, to eat, and on! "Nord Stream-2" to sit down. Therefore also the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany Gayko Maas is turned out as can. He, for example has noted that he "was surprised by neither result, nor circumstances of vote". So us too! Everything was clear from the very beginning - and that to elections in the Crimea to be, and what candidate there (as well as everywhere!) will win. However, eventually mister Maas after all too breaks on frankly anti-Russian rhetoric: "The fact that these elections have taken place in the Crimea it is annexed contrary to international law, from our point of view unacceptably."


It is clear, that neither from the USA, nor from Great Britain not that half-words decent, but even nobody expected silence. With these everything is extremely clear... Even Japan has hissed something like that - the truth, so far only lips of the ambassador in Ukraine Shigeki Sumi. Too doesn't recognize" and "condemns". well, here personal. Kuriles pinched hurt...


The most ridiculous that in Ukraine try to laugh at the countries, Russian presidential elections recognized and congratulated Vladimir Putin, without shelving business. You will think - some (!!!) China plus the most part of the Post-Soviet republics - Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan... And a half of Latin America to a heap. Too to me - the countries! Truly - the idiocy and a blindness of SUGS-patriotic are boundless and boundless. Doesn't conduct the events directly at all in the face of rapid geopolitical reformatting of the world and only such madmen as they can not understand the future his consequences.


Even the note traitor russophob who has run away to "nezalezhny" Gosudma's ex-deputy of Russia Ilya Ponomarev is full of in this occasion of melancholy and pessimism what he directly and speaks to the present owners and patrons about:


"The western countries realize a hypocritical position on a formula: we don't recognize results of elections in the Crimea, but we recognize results of elections in general. Behind these elections there will be no special sanctions. From the point of view of sanctions nothing new will be now..."


Pity what! However, the bill from two scatty deputies from "Popular front" about non-recognition legitimate presidential elections in Russia is already introduced in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Here will take - and don't recognize! And here still Norway with Slovakia... How will we live further?!

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