On the eve of the new year, converse bank announces the traditional cashback action

Posted by acapulcosilver 12/10/2018 10:52am
On The Eve Of The New Year, Converse Bank Announces The Traditional Cashback Action

By the new year converse Bank acts in the traditional CashBack share of the Bank and Pos terminals payments made to the holders of their cards to / purchases totaling 10% of the hetaera gives the opportunity."This year the action is unprecedented for the Bank in connection with the 25th anniversary and will last 25 days of December 6-31, covering not only Yerevan, but also in the province.During these days, the Bank cashback shares in the organization of more than 250 store outlets, service networks. said one big CashBack as part of the action will be carried out more painting 25 shares-one day;. Every day our visitor can see the list of partners On the Bank's facebook page and on the cat website the previous day, " converse Bank said.Go to the website reklamodatel 00 Learn moreբանկից also noted that this year held about a dozen of the amount of Eteri action, of which only one of the women's holidays dedicated to the campaign customers were returned about 4.3 million AMD.In total, since 2014-since then, more than 260 million drams have been received by similar projects within the framework of the film."Converse Bank regularly acts as loyalty promotions for its customers every purchase amount, Reversi and bonus points, accumulating, providing an opportunity.Our customers accumulated points can exchange valuable gifts of the Bank partner network", - stated in converse Bank.

On the eve of the new year, converse Bank announces the traditional cashback action

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