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Pattaya Guide And Reviews Of Tourists Of Rest Home Thailand Resorts Pattaya

One of the most famous resorts in Thailand, covered with legends about the "horrors" of Volkin street, with many expensive hotels, shopping and restaurants. A convenient place for a short vacation or a long stay.

Once very long time ago I thought too that there only sex and debauchery, but my opinion exchanged when I looked more deeply and understood, than this city is comfortable and why attracts a great number of tourists with children.

Pattaya is considered the most inexpensive of the resorts in Thailand.It is successfully located all in an hour of driving from Bangkok and the international airport Suvarnabhumi Airport where often there are favorable tickets from Russia.Pattaya is generally youth happening rest, bars — discos — Volkin Street and the dirty sea.However, this is a popular resort, where they go in spite of all its disadvantages, including families with children.

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The matter is that it is convenient to live in Pattaya long and to winter — a set of shops and shopping centers, entertainments for every taste, big Russian-language community, proximity of the capital and sights of the central Thailand. Besides, despite the dirty sea in the city, it is close to Pattaya there are wonderful beaches with white sand. The nearest — the Military beach, beaches of the island To Lang, Samet, etc.

In Pattaya and vicinities there are a lot of big hotel complexes where tour operators sell permits at the good price. Also in the city there is a lot of housing, generally it is multystoried condominiums and small houses (but they are usually farther from the sea).

Pattaya is a big city

In the city itself, the most pleasant beaches in the South are Pratamnak and its neighbor Dongtan. The area near Pratamnak is a popular place for Russians, there is even a "Russian" street, where almost all the signs are in Russian. In the same region there is Kozi beach-a small beach in a separate area, where the hotel of the same name is located, where Russian tourists often come to rest.

Still to the south Dzhomtyen — very long beach, popular, but less noisy, than central begins. Along it a large number of housing from hotels and condominiums to houses and country houses is located. There it is convenient to live, there is enough infrastructure, but it is pleasant to bathe not everything, rather dirty. In the country on the South desert beaches with more clean sea extend. But to them still it is necessary to reach.

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The central beach is first of all and expensive hotels on the first line.Few people will want to swim in the sea there, because the beach and the sea itself are dirty, plus a lot of boats and boats.But all night life boils exactly here.And it is on the Central beach (at its left end) is a pier with a ferry to the island of Koh LAN, where the beaches are much better than Pattaya.And since swimming is only half an hour, many are satisfied.

In the north of Pattaya the best — the Vongamat beach.

Pattaya guide and reviews of tourists of rest

One of the best beaches in Pattaya — Dongtan

In Pattaya, a huge number of hotels for every taste and budget.There are large hotel complexes with swimming pools and cafes, from the territory of which, in principle, you can not go out.For example, Scourge, popular with the Russian tourists of Kozi.There are also multystoried condominiums for rent for long term: I twist Talai, Lyumpini and t..A lot of them on Jomtien beach.Also there are a lot of houses, but is the closest to the sea they are located in the north, around Naklya and the Vongamat beach.In the center and on Dzhomtyena there are democratic guesthouses.Generally, really there is a lot of housing and in general it costs not much therefore Pattaya is so popular with winterers and tourists.

Those who come to a holiday behind entertainments, parties and shopping lodge usually in the downtown. There the mass of housing from absolutely inexpensive gest to smart network Holliday of INN and lton.

Traditionally for a long time people prefer to lodge or in the north, around Naklya, or on Dzhomtyena. In the center after all it is very noisy also air bad, gas contamination. The center is suitable for a short holiday when availability to entertainments and night life is necessary.

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Remember: there is no Pattaya airport. Even u-Tapao, which is called the airport and Pattaya, in fact, is 40 kilometers away.

Pattaya is disposed close to Bangkok where there is the most important airport of the country — Suvarnabhumi Airport. Therefore, you should watch air tickets not to Pattaya, and to Bangkok if you fly from Russia. And from it you should reach then the resort. There nearby, do not worry.

Flights from other countries of Asia, or from the Thailand, such to the companies as as AirAsia or NokAir, arrive in the second airport in Bangkok — Don Muang. It is also possible to arrive also in the Utapao airport which are closer to Pattaya.

I have a detailed post how to reach from Bangkok to Pattaya. If in brief, then you have several options: bus, minibass, taxi or transfer. Buses go rather often, to go there not for long. Transfer too inexpensive.

The best time for rest in Pattaya is from November to February. It is not hot season with a good clear weather. There are neither heavy rains, nor a drought, the blue sky is usually not tightened by a haze, there are no waves and garbage in the sea usually, or at least it is less, than in other time.

Around new Year's water and air in Pattaya can be even cool, especially cool at night. And the water in the sea during the day can "cheer up". Because of the wind and cool weather, even the pool water may not warm enough, especially if it is located in the shade and by the sea. In Pattaya, less hot and drier climate than, for example, in Phuket, and in December-January it is well felt.

Since the end of February-beginning of March begins the season of low tides and hot season. Rains a little, the grass swells, the sea regularly leaves the shore, it becomes hot and shallow. In this time on the sky often haze. Through which, however, you can also burn. The sea is often wave and washed up on the beach for garbage.

The summer in Pattaya is time of melancholy and calm. Tourists it is traditional less, tropical heavy rains which peak is the share of the end of summer and September already begin. At the sea still otliva, water very warm and comfortable. However, often dirty. At the sea there are waves.

In autumn, in September-October in Pattaya heavy rains, sometimes even floods. However, the weather is still warm and showers do not last long. But the humidity increases, which is more difficult to tolerate heat.

You can find the table of inflows of otliv on the website. The website in English, but there it is not difficult to understand.

You need to come closer by then (plus or minus an hour) when the greatest height of water, then you are able normally to be bought. According to the reference time 2 times a day when the greatest height and the smallest just is also specified. The instruction how to use the table on the example of Phuket.

As I said, most likely you will fly to Bangkok to Suvarnabhumi airport. Tickets for the bus and mini-bus can be taken on arrival, you will need to go down to the floor below and buy them at the counter. Then wait for the time schedule (it's me). If you arrive in the morning or in the afternoon, then this way you will leave.

But if you arrive in the evening-at night, or you want comfort and do not want to wait, then you need a taxi or transfer. The usual taxi can be taken on the spot, the price is from 1200-1500 baht, as you bargain.

And it is possible to order a transfer on the Internet from Kiwitaxi in advance. The checked service. The price will be the same, as well as on the taxi, about 1500 baht. Only in the arrival hall you will be met and for the handle taken away to the car, in addition it is not necessary to do anything. It will be possible to order a children's chair for the child that will never be in regular taxi. Used this service more than once, described already the experience.

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From the Muang Don airport it is the simplest to take the taxi or a transfer at once as it is described above. Otherwise, at first it will be necessary to reach from it to Suvarnabhumi Airport from where it is possible to leave on a bus/minibass.

One more option for active travelers — lease of the car.Yes, there to go practically nothing, hour one and a half.But! It is better to take the car at the airport of Bangkok from the international film distributor, than already in Pattaya do not understand at whom.Well, this is if you are going to ride around Pattaya and you need transport.And the most important, you by this car will back return then to Bangkok and will give it at the airport before flying away.Thereby you will save on the taxi there and back, and these are about 3-4 days of lease of the car.

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The car most cheaper manages to be taken through Economybookings, time prices in 2 below there. So constantly I do itself therefore I recommend, the checked scheme. Already thus from Bangkok the car was driven not only to Pattaya, but also on To Chiang, by Krabi, Phuket. Here my detailed post about all nuances of rent of a car in Thailand.

The biggest attraction of Pattaya-a tropical garden Nong Nooch. A huge area where plants and flowers of many varieties and species. A kind of Versailles Park in the Asian style. In Nong Nooch, in addition to the Park itself, you can see very beautiful theatrical shows. In the evenings there is included lighting, which looks a little different.

In the city tourists usually rise by the observation deck near the downtown, in the same place on the mountain Buddha's statue is located.In the center there are several museums: 3D pictures, Ripley's museum.Slightly away from the center and the unusual sanctuary of Truth, Park Mini Siam, elephant village, floating market, Park of the three kingdoms, the mountain of the Golden Buddha.In the neighborhood of Pattaya it is necessary to visit the best zoo in the country — Khao Keo.

There are extravagant sights, like the palace of the chicken king or the erotic park. In Pattaya there are a lot of sports youth activities — jumps about bungees, karting, fishing, Thai boxing. Separately it is necessary to tell about aquaparks near Pattaya. Big two — Kartun Netvorks and recently opened Ramayana. Numerous parks and gardens of spices, snake farms.

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It is simpler to visit many sights in the absence of leased transport with excursions as long distances and by the taxi start to yell.City tours usually include a Park with models of different historical buildings in Mini Siam, tropical garden Nong Nooch, a viewing platform, spice gardens or Garden, million years stone, the mountain of the Golden Buddha.Popular tours with departure from the city: contact zoo Khao Kheo, trolls "Flight of the Gibbon", Tigerish zoo.

Sea excursions to islands are very interesting too and give the chance to swim in the clean azure sea with a white sand on the beach that in Pattaya is big deficiency.With the same purpose — take a transfer to bathe on the beautiful beach — tourists usually on the Military beach.One of the distant excursions popular: river Kwai, Erawan waterfall, Bangkok, tours on the island of Koh Samet.From Pattaya there are even tours to Cambodia (Siem Reap).So if you want to take yourself in Pattaya has something to be bored.

In Pattaya the cafe for every taste is a lot of.That's where the expanse of lovers tasty and varied meal.The choice is huge, from testing street Thai food in the evening markets, open-air buffets, seafood restaurants on the waterfront, a variety of cuisines, from Indian to Lebanese, international chain pizzerias and eateries, to chic restaurants in the city center and on its outskirts.

From atmospheric cafe "exit", where you need to sit down alone or with company, in the open air and with views of the sunset can mark Rimp Lapin (lapin Rimpa), Glass House, Cabbages

Good cafe — Mum Aroi in the north, around Naklya and Lungsawai seafood located in the most southern end of Dzhomtyen Embankment.If there is a wish to try Indian cuisine, then the cafe in the center with the intriguing name Zaika Indian Restaurant will be the good choice.Noisy Pattaya Beer Garden will be suitable for fans of beer and communication.The advantage of this place is that the tables offer a good view of the city and the Bay, but in the evenings there can be a lot of people, is the center.Preecha Seafood is very popular with locals and it is considered one of the best sifud-cafes with excellent local cuisine.

From places is more expensive — Horizon bar which is on a roof of lton Hotel in the center of Pattaya. The prices correspond to altitude of the floor, but the look opens just excellent. I recommend to fans of a panorama of the night cities.

Well, and if there is a wish democratic and authentic, then the buffet of Nai Por will approach as well as possible. This cafe under the open sky with a buffet on Pattaya Nua Street is located, works in the evenings. Every day there is live music, play the Thai groups. Itself can choose a ready dish or most on a brazier to fry something at choice which is very big.

In Pattaya usually move by taxi or tuk-tuk.However, to tourists difficult happens to understand their routes.The most popular routes of public transport at tourists are a road along the Dzhomtyen beach to the downtown (usually there go tuk-tuk of blue color), on Sukhumvit ghway from Ambassador hotel in the south to the downtown (they usually white color) and on the central embankment.To get from Sukhumvit to the beach, you need to change at the Outlet.

On the northern district of Pattaya, Naklya and on the embankment in the downtown route tuk-tuk, but in the center the movement a little cunning ply too: on the road directly lengthways the sea it unilateral, from the North on the South, and on the second line — unilateral in other direction.In the evenings (and in the afternoon too) if desired the driver of a tuk-tuka easily turning into the taxi.The price in that case of course will be more expensive, but you will be brought directly hotel or there where you will wish.

Of course, except public transport it is possible to use and leased or own. Distances between extreme points of the city, distant beaches or sights big so the most convenient is a car. But in Pattaya as well as in general in Thailand, practice is widespread to lease the bike. This convenient and mobile vehicle.

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P.S. Ask questions, I will add if what is not enough. Also leave the comments about rest in Pattaya as there it was pleasant to you or not:)

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