Scientists connected schizophrenia with the lack of vitamins

Posted by elijahosborne 12/14/2018 05:47pm
Scientists Connected Schizophrenia With The Lack Of Vitamins

Scientists from Denmark and Australia found communication between risk of development of schizophrenia and deficiency of vitamin D during the prenatal period.

As a rule, symptoms of schizophrenia are not shown before 15 years. However neurologists assumed that this mental disease can be connected with features of pre-natal development. Now scientists managed to approach understanding of this mechanism.

Specialists analyzed medical information about 2602 patients diagnosed with "schizophrenia" born between 1981 and 2001 in Denmark.As it became clear, at many of them at the birth the level of vitamin D was much lower, than at other newborns.By estimates of experts, the deficiency of vitamin D in an organism at the birth increases risk of development of schizophrenia at later age by 44%.

Schizophrenia is a group of poorly understood brain disorders characterized by symptoms such as hallucinations, delusions, and cognitive impairment.Results of a research allow to hope that it is possible to reduce risk of development of this frustration by means of inexpensive and available means.As an example physicians remind that the use of folic acid considerably reduces risk of development of pathologies of a backbone.Vitamin D supplementation may be just as beneficial during fetal development.However for final conclusions it will be required to conduct a number of additional researches, including with participation of pregnant women with deficiency of vitamin D.

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