Scientists have discovered why the skin is "younger" with age

Posted by elijahosborne 10/25/2018 12:30pm
Scientists Have Discovered Why The Skin Is "younger" With Age

Dermatologists at the University of Pennsylvania (USA) they found a rare example of how "rejuvenation"occurs as we age. The study showed that the ability of the skin to regenerate for the better changes with age in mice: wounds heal faster, and scars are formed less often.

Healing of wounds on the skin occurs in two ways: either it is tissue regeneration or scarring. The study showed that scars were more often formed on the skin of young mice than on the skin of old rodents. A similar situation is typical for people. According to one of the authors of the study Thomas Leung (Thomas Leung), dermatologists and plastic surgeons have long noticed that scars are less likely to appear on the skin of the elderly.

Now scientists have managed to understand why this is happening. It's all about the special molecules of SDF1, the role of which in the regeneration of skin tissues, lungs and liver was already known. In the laboratory, scientists have brought mice that have no SDF1 in the skin. As a result, the skin of young mice began to recover in the same way as in the elderly: without scarring. Also, scientists have found another protein, EZH2, which affects the production of SDF1 and reduces its amount.

According to scientists, tissue regeneration in the elderly and young individuals occurs in different ways, because the young animal is desirable to recover as quickly as possible. Scar on the wound is formed 3-5 days, while the regeneration without scar takes about a month. Scientists hope that in the near future will be able to develop drugs that promote faster healing of the skin without scarring.

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