Scientists told about the dangers of sleep deprivation for teenagers

Posted by acapulcosilver 11/7/2018 04:39pm
Scientists Told About The Dangers Of Sleep Deprivation For Teenagers

Teens who sleep less than six hours a day, often exhibit a tendency to risky behavior.

American experts analyzed the results of a survey of more than 65 thousand American high school students. As it turned out, about 70% of them slept less than the recommended eight hours a day. In addition, it was discovered the connection between unsafe behavior and lack of sleep. Sleeping less than six hours a day teenagers are twice as likely to have reported the use of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, drunk driving and unprotected sex. Also nedosypayuschie Teens are three times more likely to have thought about suicide.

According to doctors, lack of sleep may be associated with reduced activity of the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for logical reasoning. Can also be affected region of the brain associated with reward. All this can lead to more impulsive and emotional decisions.

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