Stockholm watched the orange sky and the ufo with a bright beam

Posted by acapulcosilver 4/7/2018 08:51am
Stockholm Watched The Orange Sky And The Ufo With A Bright Beam

Photo from open sources

The female resident of Stockholm by the name of Sokheyla Nikros, having looked out in a window at 3 o'clock in the morning on March 31, 2018, I was shocked not only from the night sky of orange-red color, but also from the strange UFO (you see video below).


Sokheyla has shot this unusual show with the mobile phone. Especially she was interested in the unknown dark object which isn't movably hanging in the sky with the bright vertical ray of light directed to the earth.


Under video which has appeared on YouTube on the same day the woman asks a question whether this object of the UFO is or not.


Whether it is possible that the bright white beam against the background of the orange sky which is observed around the world now especially in the USA, is reflection of a streetlight or a patch of light from a lens?


If to compare a beam to streetlight contours, then this obviously not same. As for effect of a lens, and here a question quite disputable. As the camera slightly moves, the patch of light from a lens has to follow the movement of the camera, but in this case the beam of the UFO remains on the same place.

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