The cultivation of avocado

Posted by idobuzz 9/22/2018 05:17pm
The Cultivation Of Avocado Business

Exotic gardening is gaining popularity every year. Now on the Russian open spaces grow not only traditional apples and pears, but also fruit, not peculiar to our climatic conditions. For example, an excellent business can be a project to grow avocados.

Of course, in the open field on the domestic expanses of avocado will not grow — you need to build a greenhouse complex. The greenhouse should be voluminous and very high, as the fruit in question grows on trees. Planting material can be taken directly from the store fruit — seeds germinate quickly enough (within 6 weeks), and sprouts derived from them, develop perfectly.

When the bone is placed into water, let the sprouts, you can shift into the soil. At the initial stage, planting in small pots with earth and fertilizers is carried out. In the greenhouse, half-meter trees are transplanted, which must be cut before this, in order to further achieve active branching.

Of course, avocado grows quite slowly — fruiting can be expected not earlier than 3 years. But, as they say, the game is worth the candle. Local shops will stand in line to get the fruits grown at home, although avocados from Russian farmers are much more expensive than those that are brought from nowhere.

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