The eaeu countries approved electronic documents and mutual recognition of armenia in the new initiative. src

Posted by acapulcosilver 12/11/2018 02:39pm
The Eaeu Countries Approved Electronic Documents And Mutual Recognition Of Armenia In The New Initiative. Src

Dilijan hosted the 29th meeting of the member States of the Customs Union of the joint Board of customs services, which was attended by the presidents of Armenia, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, the customs services delegation headed by the heads, as well as the delegation of the Eurasian economic Commission.This is reported by the press service of the state revenue Committee of information and public relations.

Welcoming the participants, Chairman of The state revenue Committee David Ananyan highly appreciated the customs services of the partner States, deepening cooperation and improving the efficiency of steps, stressing that the customs services play an important role in the integration processes. "The agenda of the meeting includes customs Affairs of such important areas as after the release of goods of control and customs transit, customs value, risk management, related and other issues.Decisions taken as a result of customs services in a number of areas may be common approaches to the development of».According to David Ananyan, the Eurasian economic Union is a structure within which the customs services plan to exchange information in daily and operational control.

during the Meeting was signed on 30 the decisions of customs of different areas, in particular, the Eurasian economic Union foreign economic activity commodity vanillin according to a certain classification of goods and Declaration characteristics, of goods for personal use related to selected issues in the customs area, the EAEC common processes attaching to coordinate the legislation of member States of the EAEU violations with the aim of eliminating the customs transit customs procedure to complete, in terms of additional resources, application.

The EAEU countries approved electronic documents and mutual recognition of ARMENIA in the new initiative. SRC

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