The Eu And Iran Force Out The Usa And Dollar From The World Economic Scene

Published by king-ermac @ June 26th at 1:04pm

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The Eu And Iran Force Out The Usa And Dollar From The World Economic Scene

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Iran has refused to sell the oil for dollars and doesn't see obstacles for creation in the European Union of financial center which would undertake carrying out transactions in euro with the countries on which the USA has inflicted the sanctions. The proposal of Iranians has found support among parliamentarians of the European Union, first of all – Germany and France, not only interest in the Iranian oil and contract contracts, but also to ensuring independence of the EU of the USA is high.


The ambassador of Iran in Berlin Ali Madzhedi informed that his country already goes on the way of creation of bank for carrying out transactions to euro with EU countries. He has noted that through such bank the European business will be able to make transactions with Iran, Russia and other countries which have fallen under sanctions of the USA, but not under sanctions of the EU.


Politicians of Germany and France have declared interest in realization of the idea of creation of such bank and have complemented him with the offers. In particular, as representatives of the German government and National assembly of France have said, use of the mechanism of the European investment fund for protection of the companies which have fallen under sanctions of the USA is possible.


Even pro-American Tusk doesn't maintain


When threats of sanctions hang "sword of Damocles" over the European business in Iran, don't maintain nerves even at the most loyal to America eurocrats. Unlike the head of European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker who never disdained criticism against the USA and I protected "Nord Stream-2", the head of the European Council Donald Tusk quite often refers to transatlantic solidarity. The Pole divided anti-Russian "frauds" of the USA in the form of military exercises at borders of Russia, too accused Moscow of Skripal's poisoning and urged to stop construction of the Russian gas pipeline on a bottom of Baltic.


But in Iran, apparently, Tusk was cut to the quick. The president of the European Council has subjected to severe criticism an exit of the U.S. President Donald Trump from the nuclear transaction of "six" with Iran. "Looking at the last decisions of Donald Trump, someone could even think: with such friends and enemies aren't necessary", - Tusk has said, acting in Sofia.


Farther it is more. "Thanks to him (To Trump – a comment) we have got rid of all illusions. We understand that if you need a help hand, you will find her at the end of the hand. We have to be ready to act alone", - Tusk has added, having actually repeated the statement of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. A week ago Merkel has told that Europe has to take the destiny in own hand and not rely on protection of the USA.


Trump's "dirty tricks"



The EU and Iran force out the USA and dollar from the world economic scene


All this anger from Brussels is proved by practical material reasons. Trump from the first day of taking office has begun to beat the economic interests of the EU, at least, to those interests which are personified by globalist elite of the Old World. First of all the American leader has buried yet not been born agreement about transatlantic partnership (TTIP). Then Washington has threatened with sanctions against the companies which work in the Nord Stream-2 project.


In particular, this decision could infringe on the interests of the Anglo-Dutch Shell, Austrian OMV, the French Engie and German Uniper and Wintershall. These two steps haven't strongly touched Europe. Concerning TTIP in the European Union there was a big opposition because of fears of invasion of cheap GMO production because of the ocean. As for "Nord Stream-2", Juncker, Merkel and other leaders the EU on a G-20 summit in Hamburg have given tough repulse to Trump on the matter.


Pressure from the USA gained steam. In Europe have seriously begun to worry when Trump has introduced the import duties on steel and aluminum. Macron and Merkel have arrived in Washington for few days before the exception expiration for the EU from tariffs which have already begun to extend to the Chinese firms. Under pressure of Berlin and Paris the White House has prolonged exception terms. And, at last, the nuclear transaction with Iran in which Trump hasn't made a compromise. Risking the union with the EU, but for the sake of Israel, he leaves on May 8 the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Actions (JCPA) signed by the USA, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China in 2015. Refusal of Tehran of development of nuclear weapon in exchange for removal of sanctions has opened magnificent opportunities for the European multinational corporations.


France is afraid to lose "pot of gold"


After removal of sanctions on January 1, 2016 as if competing among themselves, the European companies have rushed to the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI). French (Total, Airbus), German (BASF, Siemens) and the Italian multinational corporations (Eni) have concluded multi-billion bargains on development of the Iranian oil and gas fields, deliveries of energy carriers to Europe and development of infrastructure in the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI). Most, probably, Italians worry. The subsidiary of oil giant Eni, the Saipem company, has signed the contract for the sum of $5 billion with the National Iranian oil company (NIOC).


Also the French worry. The oil giant Total S.A. has allocated one billion dollars for development of the 11th phase of the gas field South Pars in which possesses a 50 percent share. Other 30% and 20% belong to the Chinese CNPC and the Iranian Petropars respectively. And so, if the Ministry of Finance of the USA imposes expanded sanctions, Total can lose "pot of gold" in the Iranian gas sector, and her place as the head of the National Iranian oil company (NIOC) Ali Kardor has told, Chinese will borrow.


Risks are available also for other French company - Airbus which has concluded the contract for sale of 100 passenger planes to Iran. And it doesn't seem to you strange that several days later after statements of Europe for support of JCPOA, at Airbus problems in the WTO have begun. The World Trade Organization has for some reason considered that the European aircraft manufacturing concern received illegal subsidizing in France, Germany, Spain and Great Britain which "infringed upon interests" the American corporation Boeing.



The EU and Iran force out the USA and dollar from the world economic scene


Exit of the USA from JCPOA really as Macron spoke, "opens a Pandora's box". Collisions in Syria where Israel, having received carte blanche from Washington, bombs positions of the pro-Iranian rebels – only iceberg top in the beginning fight of two coast of Atlantic. Exactly also, as well as divergences on execution of Palestinians by Israel in Gaza which EU countries unanimously and in a reproach of the USA called inadmissible. The financial markets, power and economy of Iran will be the main arena of fight.


From defense to attack: euro in exchange for the Iranian oil


The U.S. Department of the Treasury already declared that sanctions against IRI will come into force in 90-180 days. Since August 6 the ban on purchase of dollars, steel, coal and precious metals will be restored, import of the Iranian production to the USA is stopped and operations with state bonds of Iran are limited. On May 9 Washington has imposed sanctions against the Iranian defensive structures, and on May 15 under restrictions the head of the Central bank of Iran of Valiolla Seif has got. Formal pretexts to new American sanctions – support by Tehran of Hezbollah against which Israel in Lebanon and Syria and also expansion of the Iranian influence in all Middle East, from Yemen to Lebanon, from Syria to Iraq fights.


While the USA frightens Europe by sanctions in Iran, without excluding also direct restrictive measures against the active European multinational corporations in America, Brussels only enhances the determination to keep the nuclear transaction. At a meeting with the Foreign Minister of Iran Mohammad Javad Zarif of his colleague from France, Germany and Britain have reached the agreement with Tehran upon how to keep JCPOA. If something happens Brussels is ready to pass from defense to attack. According to diplomatic sources to which RIA Novosti refers, the European Union is ready to buy the Iranian oil for euro instead of dollars. If it happens, then financial fights will be developed to the full extent. We won't forget that the idea of trade in euro cost to one of Middle Eastern dictators not only political career, but also own head.

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